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A-Z_ Get To Know MeFor this week’s post, I am going to be doing the A-Z: Get To Know Me tag! For this tag, I am going to think of a word that corresponds to my life (for each letter of the alphabet) and explain its significance. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Alyssa: I have always been fascinated by how people tend to fit the meanings of their names. Alyssa means ‘rational’ and ‘kind’, and I feel as though these are always characteristics I have tried to bring with me through life.

Blog: This was an easy one for me, as blogging has become a central aspect of who I am. Even though my blog is less than a year old, I have loved every step of this journey. My blog has rekindled my old interests, and I feel as though I am more self-aware and positive as a result.

coffee-1324126_640Coffee: Coffee is one of the little things that adds happiness to my everyday routine. During my Spring Break trip to Virginia, I tried over 4 different kinds of mochas and loved all of them!

Dogs: I have always been an animal lover, and dogs have held a special place in my heart. Their exuberant energy and unconditional love inspires me, and they always bring me joy in times of need.

Eyes: My vision is far from 20/20, but I have never viewed this in a negative way. Though I embraced contact lenses in the fourth grade, I found myself going back to (and loving!) glasses during my senior year of high school.

Farm: As a child, I spent a lot of time on Vermont farms and orchards. Something about the liveliness and serenity of farms brings me inner peace and joy. (As did the delicious fresh apple cider and apple pie!)

Garden: Similarly, I spent much of my childhood in gardens. I was fascinated by growing produce, and I loved the caring atmosphere.

DSC00804Horses: I started horseback riding when I was eight years old, and words cannot express how my life was changed for the better. I was very shy as a child, and horses gave me the confidence I needed to speak up later in life.

Iowa: The state where I am attending college! I never thought that I would attend college in Iowa (it was the last state that I looked at), but here I am! It reminds me of the Vermont landscape I visited as a child, though it is a lot windier and has way more corn. 😛

Joy: Recently, I have been looking for ways to add joy to my everyday schedule. Reading a few pages in a new book, putting up inspirational quotes around my desk, and taking time to breathe are now everyday occurrences that have boosted my happiness levels.

Kitchen: I love to cook, especially when I get to experiment with new recipes. I am someone who loves to try new things, and I will always add something new to the recipe every time. 🙂

Lake: Lake Champlain in Vermont is one of my sanctuaries, and a place that I will always treasure. The gentle sway of tides on the lakeshore is one of my favorite sounds.

Meditation: I love to take a moment in the crazy schedule of my day and check in with my body and mind. This has helped to reduce my stress levels, and lets me focus on what I might be missing in my life.

Night: I have always been a night owl. I have never been able to wake up easily in the morning, especially by Thursday or Friday of a long week. I also love the sound of crickets and owls, and the light of the moon.

Ocean: I have a definitive fear of the ocean. I am one of those people who has never had the desire to travel to islands or go on cruises, as I am terrified of all of the large creatures that live in the ocean (as well as the poisonous creatures, such as jellyfish and lionfish).

Potatoes: I have never liked potatoes. Any kind of potatoes. Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, french fries, potato chips. Crazy, I know.

Quiet: I am a mixture of an extrovert and introvert, both loving new situations that push me out of my comfort zone and loving familiar quiet. By the end of the week, I love to relax and read a book or watch a movie as opposed to going out for a night on the town.

Reading: Ever since I was little, books have been my world. I am someone who can sit and read for hours on end, and I find solace in the worlds that I am transported to. I can forget my surroundings for mere moments and live in another world. To me, that has been more magical than TV shows or movies. While I do love movie nights, reading allows for my creative energy to flourish.

Studies: I am currently aiming for a double major in Political Science and Religious Studies, with a concentration (minor) in Peace and Conflict Studies. I absolutely love these subjects, and they are very interrelated and relevant to many world issues. My desires in life are to learn and to help others, and I think this path will lead me in that direction. 🙂

world-1264062_640Travel: I love to explore new places, though I am not too keen on flying. Some of my favorite places that I have been include Virginia, Vermont, New York, Florida (Key Largo), London, Northern Italy, and Switzerland. I am always looking to add more places to my travel bucket list, so comment below with suggestions! 🙂

Umbrella: In Colorado, rain is a rare thing. When it does rain, it is usually a light shower that is over in a matter of minutes and requires nothing more than a light jacket. Iowa is a completely different story! During one of my first weeks of classes, I walked outside with only a jacket to find that I was drenched in seconds. The sky opens up and rain pours out for hours. I finally purchased an umbrella, but I still have a hard time remembering to take it with me. 🙂

Virgo: Seeing as I was born in September, I am a Virgo. I love reading horoscopes and star signs, especially for an upcoming week. I am someone who believes in the relevance of astrology, and it has become a fun pastime. 🙂

Water: I am someone who isn’t fond of the taste of plain water (well, the lack of taste), yet I acknowledge the importance of staying hydrated. As such, I drink about a gallon of water per day despite my dislike for it. Similarly, I am not fond of cauliflower or water chestnuts as they have a texture but no taste.

Xerox: This was definitely a hard letter to find a word for, but this word relates to my love of volunteering and working in office environments. I volunteered at a hospital for 5 years, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I gained a supportive community and many marketable and useful skills, and I aspire to continue similar work in the future.

coffee-1283672_640YouTube: YouTube is my favorite online pastime, besides blogging of course. I love to watch all of the amazing content that people are coming up with, and to see what everyone is up to all over the world. It amazes me how talented people are with video making and vlogging, and I truly love to be a part of it. If you have a YouTube channel, link it in the comments!

Zest: I love this word because I think that it represents what every aspect of life should have. For me, my hobbies and relationships add zest and meaning to my life. Plus it is a fun word to say! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! If you are a blogger, I would love to see your A-Z tag (link your posts in the comments)! 🙂

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