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Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Essentials and Giveaway!

Winter has officially arrived (the snow is falling as I type this), and with it the woes of winter skin. Many of you probably know that I’m a little bit obsessed with skincare, because when my skin is healthy I feel amazing all around! There are small, everyday things that I do to keep my skin healthy like hydrating and eating nutritious foods, but in the winter my skin definitely needs all the help it can get!

I thought I would show you all of my winter skincare essentials, and what my winter skincare routine is (especially for Finals!). At the end of this post there is an exciting giveaway announcement, so stay tuned! 🙂

Winter Skincare Essentials: Face Masks

Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask

Face masks are one of the most relaxing ways to take care of your skin in the winter. I love to put one on while I am cleaning my room, reading for a class, writing a paper, or relaxing and watching YouTube. They are very versatile and each have their own benefits for your skin! I have been loving three that I recently got, and they have helped to keep my skin clear when it normally flares up from stress.

The first two that I am loving at the moment are both from the Feeling Beautiful line: the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask and the Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask. Both of these are very cooling for the skin, and each have their own benefits depending on what your skin is in need of. I love to use the Anti-Stress mask to calm irritated skin, or when the wind has been particularly harsh.

Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask

It tones down redness and calms irritations! The Pore Cleansing mask is perfect for when you feel as though your skin needs a little extra detox from the stress and environment of exams and hectic schedules. One of the things that I love most about these masks is that they don’t dry and crumble like most masks I’m used to. I’m not sure why, but I am definitely not a fan of that tight and crumbly feeling, so I love these for that reason. They are also quite cheap, and the bottles are huge! They are perfect for ending the semester on a good note.

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I am also loving the often-raved about Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. I was given this as a holiday gift and tried it out today after coming back from a long paper writing session at the library. Besides the fact that it has an adorable pig wearing a face mask on the front (and we all know how much I love pigs…), this is one of the strangest masks I have ever tried. It has a very odd consistency, and when you put it on your face it tingles and foams up. After about six minutes the mask is completely foamy! As soon as I washed it off (which definitely took some effort because there was a layer of product under the foam) my skin felt very hydrated and healthy! I highly recommend it, especially since it always gets some great laughs and is a fun way to take care of your skin! 🙂

Winter Skincare Essentials: Moisturizer

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Moisturizer with SPF 15

Over the years I have come to realize the importance of wearing sunscreen on your face every day. This may sound odd to some people, especially during the winter, but the sun’s rays are damaging to skin all year round. I started using sunscreen on a daily basis a few years ago, and the difference is phenomenal. All of my dull skin is gone, and my skin is left a lot softer and hydrated.

I love moisturizers that have SPF in them, as this is a great way to combine the benefits of both. The moisturizer that I have been loving lately is the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Moisturizer in SPF 15. This moisturizer wakes up your skin with Vitamin C extracts, and also protects it with its sunscreen formula. It wears well under makeup, and isn’t oily on the skin. I wear this under another tinted sunscreen for my skincare routine, as this gives my skin an even tone.

Winter Skincare Essentials: Facial Cleansing Tools

The ULTA Dual Action Cleansing System

I have always gone the route of using my hands to apply facial cleanser, without thinking too much about it. When I was on ULTA the other day, I saw the Dual Action Cleansing System and knew I had to look up reviews and learn more. The reviews were raving, and I thought I might as well try it out (especially since I was approaching one of the most stressful times of the semester).

In all honesty, my skin has never felt cleaner. The brush isn’t too rough, and never leaves any irritation. It cleans away more dirt than I thought possible to have on my face after washing it with a facial wipe and balancing toner. I use it with my Burts Bees Deep Cleansing Cream, which has menthol in it for soothing irritation and cleaning pores.

I use this brush at night to make sure that I thoroughly cleanse my face of all impurities before bed, but don’t use it twice a day just to make sure that no irritation develops. In the morning I use my balancing toner instead to cleanse my face before applying moisturizer and sunscreen. So far my skin has improved, and it feels much cleaner with this new routine!

Exciting Giveaway!

I knew that I had to give one of these cleansing brushes away, because I am such a huge fan! I am running a giveaway through the New Year, which is open to all U.S. residents. I promise I will have a worldwide giveaway at some point! 🙂 Enter below (there are three different ways to enter), and good luck!

Click the link below to enter! 🙂
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155 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Essentials and Giveaway!”

    1. Hydrating face masks definitely help! I love the bubble clay mask for hydration, as well as any mask with anti-stress labels. Coconut oil is also great for adding moisture!

      xx Alyssa

  1. Face masks are my favorite! I love to buy and try new ones, but I also love to make homemade ones. One of my favorite thing to use in winter is plain coconut oil, as it moisturize my skin so much and I always desperately need it during the cold months.

    1. A good moisturizer is definitely a must! I’ve been loving the ones I’ve been using recently, they make my face feel so fresh and moisturized! Do you have a favorite moisturizer?

      xx Alyssa

  2. I usually don’t keep up with my skincare but moisturizing is a lifesaver. Today I resorted to Hempz hand lotion because my face was burning.

  3. my winter skincare essential right now is burt bee’s lip balm. I don’t know if that counts as skin care but i think of my lips as skin and they def need more attention this time of year.

  4. Vaseline! For chapped lips. I’ve had awful chapped lips and apparently never tried vaseline. It’s been a life saver lately!

  5. One of my winter skincare essentials is Simple facial scrub its gentle on the skin but leaves my skin feeling deep cleansed

  6. As a single working Mama of 3, I am getting DRY SKIN the older I get…my Winter Skincare Essential is VASELINE!! Great info in the post!

  7. My favorite product right now to battle dry skin is Bath & Body Works body cream. Not only are they scented nicely but they are rich and creamy hydration.

  8. Burts Bees lip balm and hand cream because my lips get chapped and my hands extremely dry during the winter so I always carry those 2 items with me every where or find small tubes all over my house

  9. Right now my chapstick is my favorite item — I’ve had a cold and my lips are really chapped. My Aveeno Hand Cream and my Olay nighttime moisturizer are essential too — winter dries out my skin terribly.

  10. I must have my Olay moisturizer! I also really like a brand called Florida Soap Company, they have an amazing Body Souffle for in the shower and it leaves my skin so moisturized!

  11. Wrinkle creams and dry skin. I think I could bath in oil and my skin would be showing dry skin in a hour.

  12. My essential is coconut oil! My skin gets so itchy during the winter, this is the only thing that will help it!

    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

    Ashley C

  13. My favorite winter skincare essential at the moment is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum! During the winter months I put it on before bed at night and before my makeup in the morning!

  14. Thanks for the chance to get a new cleansing brush especially at the time when I need one. The vitamin c moisturizer also intrigues me. I need to try that as well. I’m currently trying out new cleansers. I’ve been a Philosophy girl for years. #12daysto48

  15. My skin gets so dry in the wintertime that my winter essential is moisturizer…and lots of it! I like Mary Kay’s moisturizer…it always seems to work well for me.

    1. I’ve been using the Lumene moisturizer for a few weeks now and it has been amazing! My skin is always moisturized and the Vitamin C helps reduce scarring and brighten my skin!

  16. I wash my hands endlessly between my germy 3 year old and diaper changes for my 6 month old, and I moisturize with Neutrogena’s Moisture Wrap

  17. My favorite winter skincare essential is chapstick. I have to have it in my purse at all times. I can’t stand chapped lips.

  18. I am seriously excited to try the carbonated bubble clay mask. the fact that it’s a pig gave makes it even more fun!!#

  19. I’m not out much in the weather but I need 2 try a new moisturizer.
    I’m getting lots of wrinkles on my face 🙁
    The cream I’m using is off brand and not working well:(

  20. I have really dry skin and these woul be great to try out now. Thank you for telling us about them. This has been a big issue for me, so i want to see if these would help.

  21. I have to use lots of moisturizers for my hands and my lips in the winter! I’ve also been using my cocoa butter stretch mark cream to help out since I’m 9 months pregnant!!

  22. I’ve noticed that if I’m drinking more water during the day my skin and lips are a lot less dry.

  23. My favorite winter skincare essential is Oil of Olay. My skin (including my face) gets so dry. I’d love to try the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Moisturizer in SPF 15….sounds nice.
    Thank you!

  24. right now, my biggest winter defense is my moisturizer. Codl weather with dry inside heat …gotta have the moisturizer.

  25. For my face year round is mask mask mask for oily congested pores. But my body gets super dry during the winter and I use aveeno on my body along with body creams from Bath and Body. My hands will crack and bleed if I don’t stay on top of them during the winter.

  26. My favorite is this charcoal mask I bought off of Amazon. It is a japanese product, so I’m not actually sure of the name.

  27. My favorite winter skincare essential at the moment is a humidifier and lots of extra water intake along with L’oreal hydrafresh moisturizer.

  28. my favorite skin item is makeup/dirt remover wipes & also cerave moisturizing cream for dry spots on my face!

  29. My winter skincare essential at the moment is shea butter! I use it on my face as my moisturizer and as a body butter!

  30. I have to make sure I always use a moisturizer on my combo skin or it gets so flaky and dry. I keep some on my lips too or they get so dry.

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