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My Winter Netflix Favorites 2017

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Happy December! I woke up this morning to the first snow of the season, and it made me feel all the more excited about the holiday season! My semester abroad is coming to a close, and amongst final papers and projects (and travel planning to return home!) I have been relaxing with my recent Netflix favorites.

This year, watching Netflix movies and shows has been one of my favorite ways to relax. I downloaded the app on my phone before my summer travels, and was able to watch my favorite shows on my long plane journeys! When I can, though, I love to watch Netflix on bigger screens like my laptop or the Panasonic Oled 4k TV. I have been watching a variety of shows, ranging from intense mysteries to holiday films. I wanted to share with you what I have been watching recently, because I have found a few amazing films on a whim!

Stranger Things 2

I joined the Stranger Things bandwagon quite late–I watched the first season right before the release of the second. I hesitated about watching it initially, because the premise reminded me of Super 8 (which was a movie that definitely freaked me out–I’m not much of a Si-Fi fan unfortunately). But I gave it a go and was captivated by the plot line. There were definitely moments when watching it alone at night was probably not the best idea, but I couldn’t help it! It was my go-to show for relaxing after a long day of classes this semester. Once I finished the first season, I went right on to the second!

I don’t want to give any spoilers for the second season, but I highly recommend that you watch it if you’re at all interested. The second season got even better (somehow!) in my opinion, and was something that I could talk about with family, friends, and people on Twitter as I watched each episode!


This is another show that I was a bit late with, but I decided to give the first episode a try in October and I haven’t looked back. I didn’t think it would be my kind of show (dark mystery and suspense) but I look forward to each episode of season 2 that is released. The next episode is coming out December 7th and the season ends on the 14th! I really hope there is a season 3 of the show, because I have come to love the characters and storyline. The second season has definitely taken on a more serious and intense tone (as many second seasons do), and every Thursday night I look forward to seeing what new developments are made.


This is another show that I didn’t think I would like as much (I have watched a few superhero movies and never felt completely interested in them), but it has been a show I enjoy watching when I’m looking for a more uplifting yet engaging TV show. I enjoy the humor and the plot in this show, and new episodes are released regularly!


This is a show that I have been watching since over the summer, and the third season is set to air on TV in April. The first and second seasons are available on Netflix, and I highly recommend starting them! This is more of a fantasy series, and because of that I wasn’t sure if I would like it (I read the book series and didn’t like the movie made a few years ago too much). But I’m so glad I started watching it because the character development is amazing, and the cast works really well together. The show is directed really well, and you never know what’s going to happen next!

The Spirit of Christmas

Last weekend I wanted to watch a holiday film, and I stumbled across one that was set in Vermont at an old in. From the Netflix description I thought it was going to be really cheesy, but I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! When I finished watching it, I immediately messaged a fellow New England friend and told her she had to watch it (she also loved it)! The humor and plot was very engaging, and it was a great holiday find!

I am always looking for more Netflix recommendations, and would love to know what shows and movies you have been loving lately! Also let me know what you think of any of these shows if you start watching them! 🙂

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