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Where Are We Now?

Since that day, the tightness in my chest still remains. It ebbs and flows, but never truly disappears. For the first few days it was hard to breathe. Each step felt like a mile. Each morning I kept waking up, hoping it was all just a dream. My vision was cloudy; my eyes were a glistening crystal-clear window into the sadness in my soul. They say it takes time to heal, but it seems that time has frozen.

All throughout my life I have been drawn to compassion. Giving to others brings such a pure happiness and elation to my entire being. I love getting to know what has guided others throughout their lives,what has brought them joy, sadness, grief, passion, and every variety of emotion that we can express. Everyone has their own unique light to add to the world, and I love seeing it shine. Compassion is truly the gift that keeps on giving, but it is also one of the rarest gifts of all.

It takes the same amount of effort to love as it does to hate. But why, then, does the latter seem to be more pronounced in the world? Well, perhaps it’s because it’s often easier to see differences over similarities. We look for what makes us different, not the same. In reality, we all have something in common. We just need to take off the blinders to see it. We love to feel safe. We love to feel loved. We love to feel alive. We love to adventure. To play. To learn. To laugh. None of us are immune to sadness. To pain. To loss. To anger. To fear. To heartbreak. The beauty of life is something that we all share. And there’s nothing that can change that.

I do not write this to disparage, in fact, that would be the opposite of my intention. I write this as an invitation to reflect. To open your eyes to what is around you, and think about how you relate to the world around you. And ask yourself this: how does compassion fit into my life?

In my own life experience, compassion has meant transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and valuing all life. It has meant giving back to my community and helping others as much as I can. It has meant embracing minimalism, and living simply so that others may simply live. It has meant smiling at every person I pass, and learning more about their lives. It has meant letting go of anger and instead providing support. It has meant loving myself as much as I love others.

Compassion has a domino effect in this world, one kind act leads to another and another. It adds to your own happiness as well as that of others. It changes the path of action, and calls for healing in times of pain. It brings us closer together, and allows us all to see what makes us the same not what makes us different.

I write this today to ask you to both reflect and enact on compassion. One small compassionate change can make a world of difference.

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