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The Little Things

The Little Things-2As I continue to grow older, I have realized that it is the small things in life that bring me much joy and happiness. What was once a dull aspect of my day is now a small gift, for life only gets busier. I am currently loving my summer life, working during the day and relaxing for a few hours in the evening.

Since starting college, I have moved around a lot and thus decided to keep only what I could reasonably take with me to each new location. Therefore, all of my belongings are tucked into a corner and I could not be happier. I take comfort in the knowledge that I use everything that I own on a regular basis, and have become much less attached to material things. While I keep treasured belongings from the past, many of my newer acquisitions end up finding new homes. This has allowed me to focus on what really matters in life, and to take a step back and look at the world for what it truly is. sun-1018287_640

The sunlight that streams onto my face at 5:30am provides a wonderful natural alarm. I allow myself to sit and stare at the sunrise for a few moments, collecting my thoughts and allowing my day to begin at my own pace. The glass of water, the bowl of granola, and the small group that gathers at our kitchen table are small joys present in my mornings. When I step out the front door, my senses are overwhelmed with the fresh breeze of summer flowers and wet grass. I take a deep breath, soak in the warm rays of sunshine, and head to work. More small miracles. My senses feel energized as I continue my day, with small shady spots providing much-needed relief from the often-overbearing sun. Upon my return home, I am greeted by the soft cushions of a couch and the sanctuary of a warm shower. These small miracles that I often overlooked in the context of daily life now fill my conscious thought as I navigate my daily life. glass-617387_640

I started to keep track of all of the things that I am grateful for in my day to day life, and soon this became my permanent state of mind. For example, I am currently quite ill with a cold, however, my mind chooses to focus on the amazing adventures I had at work today, the fantastic weather, and the refreshing froyo I had after my work shift (it was vanilla almond with waffle cone pieces and peanut butter, and I know that I will have to go back for more!). Despite the struggles I have in my daily life, I know that there are small miracles that present themselves when needed. You need only pay attention to them to experience their benefits. trees-918672_640

Once you look at the world through this lens, you see a kaleidoscope of shifting opportunities and benefits. Your typical morning schedule becomes one small joy after the other, which makes for a day of positivity despite common setbacks you might encounter. I encourage you to start keeping a journal of all of the little things that bring positivity to your life. Before long, it will take a lot to make for a truly horrible, no good, very bad day. For me those days are far and few, for I find the good in every experience.

Here is my list of the little things that brought me joy this week:

A cold glass of water

A hot shower after a long workday

A shady spot to escape the summer heat

The summer breeze of fresh flowers and wet grass

Orange juice

My Elephant Pants (I have the purple ones, and they are my favorite lounging pants!)

Frozen yogurt hangouts

Air conditioning

An amazing book (Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry – review coming soon!)

The wonderful weather (sunshine, and afternoon storms that lead to cool evenings)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I always love to look back on the little things in life that give me joy. What little things bring you joy? Comment below! 🙂

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