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Ways to Stay in Touch with Friends and Family Featuring BasicInvite

Thank you to BasicInvite for sponsoring today’s post (one I’ve been wanting to write for awhile)! Thank you to supporting the brands that make The Wise Willow possible 🙂 

As many of you know, I absolutely love writing letters. I’ve been writing letters since I was very young, and in today’s world a letter or card is one of the most incredible things to send and receive. 

With everything going on at the moment, sending mail can be a bit more challenging. I’ve been searching for ways I can keep sending letters and other cards for special occasions all from home. 

All About BasicInvite

With BasicInvite, you can send so many types of letters, cards, and invitations from their website! For letters and cards, you choose your favorite design and from there can change the colors of each element (and there are over 180 colors to choose from!). You can add the text from there, and choose from 40 envelope colors for your letter or card to arrive in! Below is just a selection of the colors you can choose from! 

If you’re looking to send an invitation to lots of people or order a set of stationery, you can even order a printed sample that will be sent to your home so you can make sure it looks exactly like you want it to before you order in bulk! This is incredibly helpful when it comes to the matte and foil elements of the cards, and making sure everything is spelled correctly (I’m definitely someone who needs to be able to read something in hardcopy to proofread!). 

I’m looking to order stationery (and maybe business cards too!) and have had so much fun browsing through all the options (and seriously, all the colors!). They also have clear business cards–so cool! 

Ideas for Keeping In Touch

There are so many ways to keep in touch with friends and family using letters, cards, and invitations! If you’re sending cards and invitations to a larger group of people, BasicInvite has an address feature that allows people to submit their addresses to be directly printed on the envelopes for free! And if you’re looking to add foil to any designs, they have silver, gold, and rose gold which can be flat or raised (and foil makes for truly beautiful cards!). 

Even though the holidays are months away, there is always reason (especially right now) to celebrate and send updates to loved ones! BasicInvite has lots of holiday photo cards, photo Christmas cards, and Christmas party invitations to choose from. These can all be edited with a huge selection of colors and themes too! 

I was definitely drawn to this card that Oliver and I could send out! 

If you’re interested in learning more about BasicInvite you can check out their Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter! You can get 15% off your order using the code 15FF51 too! How are you keeping in touch with friends and family during this time? 


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