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Reverse Bucket List: 2017

I did one of these posts quite a long time ago! (*Looks back at archives to see when it was*…December 30th, 2015…woah!) This list was more of an overarching list of things that I have done throughout my entire life, so I wanted to make one devoted just to 2017 because it has been quite the year! I also wanted to update you on items that I have now crossed off my bucket list, and share new ones with you!

My Reverse Bucket List for 2017: 

  • Did a New Years birdwatching hike in Vermont (it was really cold but so beautiful!)
  • Visited a wildlife conservation center in Florida
  • Pet a camel face to face (they’re adorable)
  • Held a pig (one of the best moments!)
  • Made an entire loaf of bread from scratch with friends in the early hours of the morning
  • Solo traveled to Kansas for an internship
  • Finished my second year of college
  • Successfully started a storm generator
  • Made vegan pancakes as a spontaneous midnight snack
  • Traveled solo to Chile and stayed for 6 weeks (Talca, Concón, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Iquique, and Santiago)–made amazing friends here and had such an amazing adventure!
  • Experienced winter in June and July for the first time (it was the first time I was in the southern hemisphere during these months)
  • Tried vegan sushi
  • Traveled solo to Costa Rica
  • Participated in a Save the Frogs! Ecotour in Costa Rica (post coming soon–it was amazing!)
    • Conquered my fear of spiders
    • Saw the inner workings of an ant colony
    • Went to a volcano and volcanic hot springs
    • Learned how to make coffee and hot chocolate
    • Spotted my first frog during a night hike
    • Did a night hike in the cloud forest that ended with homemade vegan pizza
    • Went on a crocodile boat tour
  • Changed my nose stud to a ring
  • Adopted fish with my best friend
  • Ordered vegan pizza at 11pm after setting up the fish tank
  • Sand boarded at the Great Sand Dunes National Park
  • Stayed in a drive-in movie theater hotel (where you could watch the movie from your room window)
  • Walked through a freezing cold river to see a waterfall
  • Picked peaches in Vermont
  • Won a gallon (yes an entire gallon!) of maple syrup
  • Went on three new hikes in Vermont
  • Stumbled upon (quite literally) an amazing local music group
  • Drove up to Canada for a flight and ate at an amazing Italian restaurant (we got a bit lost on the way, but we lived the adventure!)
  • Traveled solo to Amsterdam
    • Joined a free walking tour and managed to navigate to it
    • Met a blogging friend for a day in the city (such an amazing time!)
    • Had Belgian fries
    • Tried Indonesian food for the first time (it’s incredible)
    • Visited a Buddhist tea house
    • Stayed in a hostel and watched the sun set from a hammock
    • Made new friends on a broken down train
    • Connected with an amazing group while helping them buy metro tickets (we all spoke Spanish)
  • Traveled solo to Serbia
  • Started my study program and third year of college
  • Had vegan dark chocolate ice cream
  • Studied at a bookstore cafe
  • Celebrated my 21st birthday
  • Learned how to navigate and live in a big city for the first time

Now I wanted to update you on things that I have completed from my bucket list (that I wrote back in December of 2015): 

  • Live and travel in Europe (I am living here for a few months so I consider this to be somewhat completed, though I would like to spend more time here in the future!)
  • Travel to Chile
  • Start a YouTube channel and film my adventures
  • Make lasting connections around the world
  • Get a nose piercing (well, I wrote get a cartilage piercing which I still want, but this was close!)
  • Learn how to speak Italian (I’m a couple of years into this process and am also starting Serbian!)

What is on my bucket list at the moment: 

  • Live on my own in an apartment or small home for some time
  • Rescue a senior dog (or two or three) when I can financially do so
  • Volunteer at a Farm Sanctuary
  • Write a book (which may already be in progress… 🙂 )
  • Start my own non-profit business
  • See The Script and One Republic in concert
  • Write for a publication or magazine (vegan based is the dream!)
  • Visit Prague
  • Live in Parma, Italy
  • Do more live videos for my blog

And more items that I’m sure will come up! I would love to see your reverse bucket lists and regular bucket lists! Leave them in the comments or leave a link to a blog post! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Reverse Bucket List: 2017”

  1. Great post! I have seen these before and will be writing one for 2017 as well. Damn girl we are like super in sync because it is also a huge dream of mine to work for a farm sanctuary non profit. And I did an internship for one for a little while… unfortunately in my area the jobs for that are really hard to find so I have moved on to other dreams but I still want to continue my volunteering with the spca… Your traveling is giving me the travel bug again!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment! 🙂 That’s so exciting that you also love Farm Sanctuary work!! Where did you do an internship? That has been a dream of mine recently! I just took a look at your blog and I love it! I especially love the Letters to the Universe that you posted! 🙂 I hope you’ve had a lovely start to the New Year! xx Alyssa

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