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Refreshing my Wellness Routine with Fabletics

I received Fabletics activewear in exchange for a review and feature. The links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will get a small portion from Fabletics if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting The Wise Willow!

Now that I am going back to my regular college routine, I’ve started to think about my fitness goals. I was quite active during my travels in 2017, but the lack of schedule and routine made it difficult to stick to a particular regimen.

For the past few years, fitness has been an important part of my life. Once I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, it became something that added to my holistic wellness. A regular fitness routine also helped me stay balanced as the waves of stress cascaded throughout the course of the semester.

One thing that remained consistent over the past four years is my activewear. I didn’t think much about it, and kept using the same outfit that I had bought in my high school years. This past year I realized it was time for a change, and that’s when I found Fabletics.

I remember seeing Fabletics previously and admiring their activewear for the future. That day has come, and when they arrived I was over the moon that I could be more comfortable with my new workout routine! They fit perfectly (which often doesn’t happen with online clothing orders!), and I’ve been using them during my daily workouts for the past few days.

Before I get into what I love about the activewear, I thought I would give you an overview of my new fitness goals and workout routine so that you can get an idea of what I’m using the activewear for.

In terms of goals for this year, my main focus is on holistic wellness and strength. Cardio workouts help me to ease tension and stress, but I also prefer to have workouts for my muscles and mind. Most weeks I will do half an hour to an hour of cardio on a treadmill, followed by a stretching routine. One of my favorite stretching routines is from Blogilates—it’s perfect for any kind of cardio workout and gets my muscles ready for yoga, pilates, or other strength workouts.

I have been choosing one or two seven-minute workouts from Blogilates to do after my cardio workouts, and these have had a positive impact on my overall wellness. My Fabletics activewear has also made them easier! This brings me to the activewear that I have—Fabletics has so many options to choose from (style, design, purpose) but I found something that was perfect for my fitness needs!

I am someone who prefers to wear leggings as opposed to shorts, and I like them to end above the calves or ankles so that they don’t get caught up in my sneakers. This led me to the Salar Mesh Powerhold Capri, which have a minimalist design (and if you know me, that’s my favorite type!). These capris are very durable (they have a strong material that is both flexible and sturdy), and they are breathable which is important for cardio workouts. I got the Alejandra Bra (Versilia) to go with it, which has a complementary but contrasting design. It’s flexible enough for cardio workouts (it doesn’t restrict breathing) and fits perfectly under a cute elephant flexible top I wear in colder weather.

Having activewear that fits well (which, in turn, makes workouts easier!) is one of the best ways to start the new year! I couldn’t be happier with Fabletics, and they have styles for everyone! If you have been thinking about getting new activewear but weren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend looking through the options! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you get your own Fabletics activewear—I would love to see what style and design you pick out!

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