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Reflections from a College (almost) Senior

The sun is finally out and the birds are chirping in the trees, which is a much needed break from the incessant cold weather and cloudy skies. As the days and weeks have passed by in a blur, I’ve started to think more about the year to come which is my last year of college. Even typing that is surreal, because I remember when my blogging journey started before I began my college journey. It feels both like a lifetime and no time at all, and I feel ready to start this last chapter of my college experience.

So where to start? Thoughts about the future have been occupying my mind in the spare moments I have between classes, work, and activities. As each day comes to an end and a new one begins, I am filled with the same sense of wonder at how fast time passes by. My thoughts often lead to reflections of how much has changed in the three years I’ve been at college, as well as what hasn’t. I feel as though I’ve grown into myself, and have been able to explore new interests.

I wrote a post almost one year ago called Reflections from a College (Almost) Junior, and I’ve looked back to that post for inspiration. What has changed the most between then and now is my experiences and outlook on life. My travels for eight straight months transformed the way I view myself and the world around me. I was able to spend a semester learning in a new environment, and return to the familiar with a new lens on life.

My third year of college was an interesting one, and I would say it’s been the year where I have grown the most. I’ve started to feel more comfortable with the idea of life after college, and starting a new experience. But I’m also starting to get nostalgic about the times I’ve had, and what I will miss. 

It’s interesting to look back at photos from a few years ago and feel completely different from who I was then. These years of experiences have shaped who I am today, and I am so grateful for what they have taught me. I’ve learned that there is always more to learn, and that learning is a gift. I’ve also learned that one of the greatest gifts that you can give to others and receive is time. I’ve also learned that life is full of ups and downs, guaranteed. It’s about learning how to face the downs and celebrate the ups. 

As you have likely seen, I have been on an interesting path with my creativity. On the one hand I feel inspired to create, but on the other I find myself engaging in other activities (watching TV shows on Netflix, for example) instead. I’ve changed my blog layout a few times in the past few months, and have thought about what direction I would like it to go in. 

As I type this post now I do know one thing: I missed having blogging as regular aspect of my life. I really have let it fall by the wayside this semester, and I hope to be able to add new content and explore my creativity once the semester ends. In my pause from blogging and creativity, I have remained inspired by the reflections of other bloggers. Shannon from EndlessMay recently wrote a post about perfectionism that got to the core of what I have also been feeling for the past few months. Sara from SaraLaughed recently wrote a post about redesigning her life after college that also spoke to some of the thoughts I’ve been having as I enter my last year. 

As I prepare to finish my third year of studies (it’s definitely a busy time, as I’m sure many of you understand!), I’m looking forward to the year to come with optimism and a sense of awe. I have reached the point where I am in the oldest group at the college, and have been looking back at photos through the years to reminisce on past experiences (Snapchat saved snaps are the best way to look back through years by the way!). 

If you are also entering your last year of college (or recently have!), what have been your reflections? 

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