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Planning for a New Semester: Start off Strong!

I don’t know about you, but ordering textbooks for a new semester makes me feel ready to start preparing for the months ahead! This morning I logged on to one of my favorite textbook resources, I was able to find all of the books that were on my required reading list at a very affordable price! Once I sent in the order, I knew it was time to start thinking about how to best prepare.

I am going to be a third-year in college (I have no idea where the time went!), and this semester I will be studying abroad! Since I won’t be returning to my home campus this fall, planning is even more important to make sure I start off strong. And as I’m sure you have noticed in many of my posts so far, I love planning on pen and paper. I have tried planning electronically, but something about writing everything down makes it easier to remember and organize!

Sara of College Compass has launched a printable planner that comes different formats for all students! I used to be someone who would open up all the planners in the school supply aisle and look at their formats, searching for one that I knew would work with my organization style. When Amazon became popular, I did the same thing online. It could take hours to find one that fit my needs, and sometimes the price tag would make me search longer.

When I write down assignments, I like to have vertical space for each class (otherwise I will get quite confused!). The College Compass planner includes a vertical format, both decorated (with amazing seasonal designs!) and undecorated depending on your preference. It also includes hourly and horizontal layouts, and both of those options also come in decorated and undecorated formats!

One of the other benefits of a printable planner is the options that you have to bind the pages together! I’m someone who loves DIY projects, and one of my favorite ways to personalize organization methods is to take a hole punch and some twine and bind the pages together with a twine bow. 🙂 You can also opt to bind yours with plastic or any other material that best fits your needs!

Having a printable planner also means that you can customize it as much as you want–this planner includes reflection pages (which I love, because it makes me think about all that I want to accomplish during the week!). There’s also an academic planning bundle that you can add to the planner, with assignment sheets (weekly and semester), grade trackers, fitness logs, and more! You can place these within the planner layout itself to truly make it your own too! 🙂

I’ve already started planning out the weeks leading up to my semester, and have filled the vertical layout with lists of what I need to prepare and remember to do! If you’re looking for a planner that can help you through your entire academic year, I highly recommend this one! There are just so many options, and you can design it any way you want (or change depending on what works best for your class schedule!).

To buy the planner and the academic bundle, you can click here! When you buy the planner or the academic bundle, you will get access to your own shop portal where you can download the files and use them to your heart’s content! The downloads never expire, so you will always have access to them.

What’s your favorite way to plan for the semester? What is your go-to planner layout and what do you use it for? Not sure what the best layout is for your study style? No problem! Take this quiz to find out what layout will work best for your needs! Let me know your result in the comments! 🙂

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    1. I completely understand that! There are printing services through shipping companies or office companies too that you might be able to print through! 🙂 Sometimes public libraries offer printing too (that’s where I printed mine 🙂 ). Hope you have a lovely day and thank you for reading!

      xx Alyssa

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