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One Year of Blogging: A Reflection

The Wise Willow-8Today marks one year of The Wise Willow, and as I sit here writing this post my heart is filled with joy as I remember the journey that I have been on. One year ago I decided to press the button that has changed my life. I launched my blog with a vision of sharing my love for writing with the world, and I’ve been able to do that and more.

coffee-1250407_640When I started my blog, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had minimal computer knowledge, and was new to every form of social media. Over the course of a few months, I learned how to navigate the waters of lifestyle blogging through trial and error. I started building up my skill set, and found that my passion grew with every moment spent on improving my content.

While in college, my blog gave me an outlet for my creative energy and a place for me to share all that I had learned. I started connecting with other college and lifestyle bloggers, and a new community welcomed me with open arms. I started to expand my social media presence, and found that there was much more to blogging than first meets the eye.

While I learned an innumerable amount of things about myself through this journey, I also learned from others and their journeys. When I felt alone in struggle, someone was writing about a similar occurrence in their own life. When I felt blindsided by an unforeseen roadblock, someone was writing about overcoming a similar obstacle. I joined a community that was learning and growing from each other.

berries-1493905_640In just one year I went through many personal changes. I declared my college major (after feeling as though I lost my direction upon realizing that my original plan was not for me). I went vegan after a year of health troubles, and I started exploring dance and other forms of creative expression. I felt as though I had become a different person than who I was when I entered college, and though many of these changes were overwhelming at times, I was never alone. My blog and blogging community gave me the chance to explore my passion for writing and helping others.

road-1030878_640I would like to thank many people for helping me on this journey, without whom I would not have been able to celebrate this milestone in my blogging career 🙂 I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me from day one in this endeavor, when I decided that starting a blog might help me grow in this world. I would like to thank Morgan Timm for inspiring me to start my own blog. Your blogging journey spoke to me, and encouraged me to step into the unknown and try something new. I would also like to thank all of my readers. Every like, comment, share, and follow that you give fills my heart with joy 🙂 I love connecting with you, and reading about your adventures and endeavors!

The following bloggers and content creators have inspired me along my journey, and I would love if you would look at their amazing blogs and channels! 🙂

Morgan Timm, Raya Encheva, Carrie Rad, Sarah Betts, Aly Larkin, Lola, Alyssa, Gabby & Hannah, Alexa, Amelie, Shannon Brown, Kayla Rivoli, Sarah Laughed, Michelle Adams, Kymberly Ann, Emily, Abigail Gray, Ashley, IsabelleSaba Sahmoedini, and many more! 🙂

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