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A Monthly Favorites and Honest Update

So lately my life has been *hectic*. As in graduate from college, move states, adopt a dog (the best part of my postgrad life, he’s the best), have surgery, continue a 3hr per day commute (since June), adjust to losing college friends/relationships, and recovery journey hectic. I’m laughing to myself because each of my past posts has mentioned my return to the blogging scene and yet here I am–and the truth is for the past two years I’ve had the longest spell of writer’s block I’ve ever experienced. 

Each time I come up with a bunch of ideas to write about life gets in the way, time passes, and those ideas take a back burner. I’ve had a lot of recent stressors that have taken up most of my time and energy (hello burnout!) and because of that I thought it was the perfect time to write about what has brought me joy and peace in this time of overwhelm. 

September and October in particular have been crazy months for me–I turned 23, had abdominal surgery, and have been trying to balance recovery with all of the demands of daily adult life all while living in a new/unfamiliar community. 

With all of that being said I’ve been striving to press that publish button more regularly and reconnect with my creative side, and a monthly favorites felt like the best way to do that given how quickly October has passed me by (after my surgery I lost all sense of time for awhile)!

My October Favorites

My Recovery

As weird as it might be to list this as one of my favorites, my recovery journey so far has been one of my favorite parts of my month and year. I had surgery on the 24th of September to investigate sources of my worsening chronic pain, and this surgery was able to identify and remove a number of things that were contributing to all of my symptoms and my rapidly declining health. 

I haven’t posted much on here about what I was going through but for about a year and a half I completely lost my appetite, was nauseous almost 24/7, had severe abdominal and joint pain, lost a significant amount of weight, and had debilitating migraines that sent me to the Emergency Room on the regular. 

I won’t go into the details of my surgery for now, but the main takeaway has been a recovery I never thought possible. 😀 I have been slowly gaining my appetite back, getting stronger hair and nails, moving easier with little to no joint pain, have had no migraines since the procedure, and little to no abdominal pain. It’s truly incredible and I’m so grateful for the doctors and everyone who supported me along the way on this long journey. I wake up each morning amazed at how light and energized I feel, and I wanted to share that amazing update with you all! 😀 

My Dog Oliver

I adopted Oliver back in June from a local animal shelter, and since then he’s been the best part of my postgrad life. I saw him on the shelter website and spur of the moment went to go meet him, even though I didn’t think I was at all ready to be a dog mom yet since I graduated less than a month earlier. 

When I saw him in person though I just *knew* that it was the right time to bring a dog into my life and it’s been the best adventure. I’ve been taking him to a local dog daycare center that has been the BEST and a source of joy. I’ve also been able to connect with local dog and animal centered businesses. 🙂 

At this point most of my camera roll is Oliver photos, and I plan to write about “dog mom essentials” that I’ve learned over the past few months. He loves the camera and I get most of my daily laughs from his daycare photos! 😀 He has an Instagram by the way, give a follow if you like! 

Autumn Weather and New England Leaves

Autumn/Fall is my favorite season (and sadly pretty much the shortest season)–I’m not a warm weather or cold weather person, I’m a 70 degrees with a slight breeze and sunny skies person which happens about 12% of the year lol. 

My surgery and recovery took up much of the autumn season for me, but I’ve been bound and determined to enjoy what’s left! Though my long commute can be mind numbing at worst, the dazzling leaves have added some joy to the ride. The most stunning leaves I’ve seen so far were on my way to get my car oil changed early one morning when I took a few backroads I don’t normally get to drive. I was stunned by their beauty and even pulled over for a minute to take it all in. 🙂 

I bought myself a small pumpkin to commemorate autumn the other day too, and plan to carve it/toast pumpkin seeds this coming week. I already have plans to enjoy autumn to the fullest next year! 

My New Headphones

So the headphones I had for the longest time (four years, which is impressive to not lose them/break them, especially since they traveled the globe with me!) broke suddenly the other day. Music is something that adds so much color and joy to my life, so I went on the search for new headphones right away. 

I found an amazing pair of wireless earbuds on Amazon for $28 and so far they’ve been the best. I’ve been hoping to work up to slow and steady workouts to get muscle back in my recovery, and these are perfect for that! Blaring music and working out is one of my favorite things, and I’m excited to get back into it. 😀 (I’m always looking for song recommendations btw so let me know what your favorites are!)

Reading and New Books

One of my favorite things when I was a kid was reading. I would read wherever and whenever I could, losing sleep over books and saving up all my money to buy new ones. Back in the day I loved reading horror books and it’s safe to say there’s no way I can do that anymore lol (I loved Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and just saw that they’ve made it into a movie I definitely won’t be seeing…lol). 

When high school and college came into the picture I started reading less and less. Now that I’ve graduated I’ve been trying to set aside time to take up reading again, and I’ve loved it so far. I’ve made a goal of reading one book per month and hopefully doing a review here too, and I hope to be able to buy one book a month from my local bookstore because they’re amazing and small bookstores are one of the most wonderful things. 🙂 

So far I’ve read two books, both of which have been amazing and one of which was the last in a series I started reading when I was eight years old! (I plan to do a post and show you all a great throwback photo I stumbled upon–and to share with you how I’ve been reading books on a tight budget). 

My Plan for Creating

Lately in the spare moments I’ve had in the evening I’ve been refreshing my Pinterest account and have gotten the best inspiration from the content on there (and started over with my blog theme/header)! 

I used to post every Wednesday and as I get back into the swing of publishing I plan to post every Sunday. 😀 

I’m excited to share more about my life with you going forward because I’ve recognized that there isn’t a time when adult life isn’t busy and there are lots of changes ahead! 😀 

What have been your favorites from October? What are you looking forward to in November? 

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