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Embarking on my Minimalist Journey

When 2016 was beginning, I had no idea that I was going to be transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and starting the process of living a more natural and balanced life. It was quite a journey (in fact, the beginning of 2016 feels like forever ago) and I am yet again ready to begin another journey that will lead me to be more aligned with my true self.

When I went to college, I did what most college students do: look online for lists of what I needed to bring with me. I went out and bought all that I ‘needed,’ and I can vouch for how heavy my boxes and bags were when I was bringing them to my first-year room! I had things that I was going to maybe need, and since I was just about to start living on my own I thought I needed to be prepared for everything. As the year progressed, I used about one third of all that I brought. Realizing this, over the summer I made an effort to significantly reduce what I was bringing, and I learned through experience. I reduced everything to the minimal amount possible, and was able to unpack and decorate in record time. Not only that, my room felt like a sanctuary from the start and I knew where everything was.

As this past semester came to a close, I had a wonderful experience with ThredUp. When I realized the practicality on a multitude of measures of investing in secondhand clothes, I know that I will never go back. I was able to purchase clothes I was interested in, and go through my closet and my dresser to figure out what I no longer needed. I sent a full bag of clothes back to ThredUp, and now have an aspiration to clean out every time I invest in new clothing.

Now that I have had time to think about where I want my life (and my blog) to go in 2017, the concept of minimalism resonated with me and my values. As many of you probably know, I have always tried to live by the mantra: live simply so that others may simply live. I’m in a unique position of being in college and not having many personal possessions, which to me is a wonderful place to start. I made sure to go through my belongings before starting my first year of college, and have generally been pretty aware of my consumption. That being said, I was able to donate quite a bit of items at the end of my first year and at the end of last semester. Every time I cleaned out my items, I felt physically lighter knowing that those items would be put to better use. I also started reading from the local library or on an e-reader to save money and space, because my love for reading often leads to clutter (and I am one of those people who only reads books once, unless they’re amazing which has definitely happened!).

But as I look at what I own, there are a lot of things that I could live without. As I have been doing some research about minimalism, I realize that many people have gone quite a few years out of college and into adult life before considering this path. Since I already went through that process, I feel as though I can start actively living a minimalist lifestyle and focusing on being present in what truly matters.

Yesterday I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism, and it further confirmed my interest in this lifestyle. It was extremely well produced, and I now follow The Minimalists on Twitter and Facebook, and listen to their podcasts online. I have found several other resources as well that have helped me start this journey, and if you have any suggestions for other resources I would love to hear them! Experiences like this are really about learning together, so I would love to hear what your experiences have been, what interests you about minimalism, and what your journey has been! Let me know in the comments or send an email to!

For the New Year I hope to start a series on this blog devoted to minimalist living (especially being a minimalist in college), and share the resources that I have found with you if you are also interested in this lifestyle!

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2 thoughts on “Embarking on my Minimalist Journey”

  1. That documentary is on my list! I know that I have been all too into “things” instead of enjoying what I have so this documentary might just change how I do 2017!

    The Adored Life

    1. It was an amazing documentary, and definitely inspired me to start doing some research and think about what I wanted my goals for 2017 to be! Thank you so much for reading!

      xx Alyssa

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