Sustainable Fashion: Common Questions Answered

This post was written in collaboration with Hawthorn, but is not sponsored in any way. 

As I have mentioned in a few of my recent posts, I am interested in taking my blog in a new direction during the upcoming year. Since I will be graduating relatively soon (I still have no idea how that is possible, by the way!), I have been looking to shift my blog’s focus to vegan living and sustainability.

To that end, I have been looking to write posts related to these topics. Today I have an exciting collaboration for you with Hawthorn, a sustainable clothing manufacturer in the UK. In recent years I have been more interested in learning about sustainable fashion, and how I could contribute positively to living a more sustainable lifestyle when it comes to the clothing that I purchase. Every day I learn something new about sustainability, and I was able to receive answers to my common questions about sustainable fashion from Hawthorn. I am very excited to share them with you, because sustainability is becoming an issue of heightened importance.

Here are the questions that I asked Hawthorn, and their responses regarding sustainable fashion, the fashion industry, budget purchases, and more!

1. What is sustainable fashion, and what makes it different in the fashion industry?

Sustainable fashion is the term used in the industry to describe fashion which isn’t harmful to the environment in the way that some other more traditional methods are. Examples of this are replacing fabrics like polyester with eco-friendly alternatives, and using organic cotton rather than traditionally farmed cotton. For many years the fashion industry has worked in such a way that it has risen to be the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Sustainable fashion uses fabrics which aren’t harmful to the environment in an effort to change that.

2. How can you tell if a brand or industry is sustainable?

The fabrics used in an item and the production processes are what make a piece sustainable, and with these being highly regarded in the industry at the moment, brands are advertising them wherever they can in their marketing. For example, sustainable fashion is starting to become more mainstream and large high street brands are beginning to recognise this, creating collections which use sustainable fabrics and are marketed as such.

3. Is sustainable fashion more expensive? What choices can consumers make to be sustainable on a budget?

Sustainable fashion is a little more expensive than the fast fashion equivalents at the moment, however a great way to help combat this is to actually keep buying sustainably. As the demand for sustainable fashion increases, the production of eco friendly fabrics will also increase and thus, the price will start to lower overall.

4. Is sustainable equivalent to vegan, fair trade, etc. or are there differences in each type?

Vegan and fair trade clothing all come under the sustainable umbrella, with slight differences in each. However, at this point as we’re trying to make sustainable fashion more mainstream to help the environment. Consumers can be assured that if they’re purchasing items which are described as vegan, organic or fair trade, they’re doing their bit to help bring the industry in line with other less polluting ones.

5. How can consumers start to make the switch to sustainable fashion?

As more brands start to release sustainable fashion pieces, there will be more choice than there currently is on the market right now. My advice would be to look out for sustainable brands and when you’re looking to make your next purchase, look at sustainable alternatives to what you’re buying. You may not have to look too far to buy sustainable and you may be surprised at the amount of options that are available to you.

These answers were very helpful for me as I continue my process of switching to sustainable fashion, and I hope that you found them helpful as well no matter where you are on your sustainability journey!

If you are interested in learning more about Hawthorn, they were recently featured as the fashion supplier of the year in this article!

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5 thoughts on “Sustainable Fashion: Common Questions Answered”

    1. I completely agree! It can be so hard to find them sometimes! I love to shop secondhand for most things as a way to be more sustainable, but have been on the lookout for more brands to follow! Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂 xx Alyssa

      1. Secondhand is a very good option indeed. I try to limit my clothing spending and to prefer at least shop in local tiny shops and not big company who exploit people… x

  1. I know this post is old, but I’m glad to read it! I struggle because my budget is so tight and I’m also into fashion, so I mostly try to shop second hand! Sometimes, I cave and buy fast fashion pieces, but I’m working on it! I know the benefits and I just have to commit. Thanks for sharing.

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