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Inspirational Wall Decor – DIY Dorm Decor

DIY DORM DECOR-3Back-to-school season is in full swing, and DIY Dorm Decor has been one of my top priorities as the new school year approaches. I’ve realized the importance of having a space that speaks to your interests and passions, and have created this series to show you what I’ve come up with for my dorm room this year 🙂

I have been loving pastel color themes lately, and that has been my inspiration for the projects in this series. For this DIY project I created three inspirational wall hangings that I am planning to place next to a photo collage on my wall 🙂

What You Need:

  • Acrylic paints in your favorite colors (I got the colors light pink, lavender, ocean breeze, and pale blue from the craft smart® satin acrylic paint line)
  • Washi tape in your favorite designs (I got the bohemian design from cre8ted space®)
  • Wooden wall pieces in designs or expressions that speak to you (I decided to get one that says peace, one that says laugh, and letters that form vibes when put together)
  • Paint brush set with sponges and regular brushes
  • Newspaper or other paper base to prevent spills
  • Container for paints
  • Old cup for paint water

What To Do: 

I started with the peace wall art, and opted to use my ocean breeze, and pale blue colors. I also decided to opt for an ombre design, in which the two colors would blend together between each letter. 

I started with my ocean breeze paint and used the smallest paint brush to paint the P completely with an even two coats. I then used another small brush and took my pale blue color to paint the E. With both letters evenly covered with two coats of paint, I then took my blending brush and gently blended the two color borders together to make an ombre look. 

I repeated these steps for all of the letters, alternating between colors and blending the borders. I then checked all of the edges for extra paint, and set it out to dry.

I repeated this process with my next laugh wall design, but used my light pink and lavender colors. I also opted for a more washed-out look and decided to use the sponge to apply the paint, rather than a paint brush. 

I started with the lavender color and used a small paint brush to apply this first coat (the sponge needs a little bit of paint to work with). I then used the sponge for the rest of the applications, and flipped sides between light pink and lavender. I used the border blending technique again to create an ombre blended look, and the sponge added a softer texture and appearance to the paint. 

Finally, I took my five letters (that spell vibes – one of my all time favorite words) and applied strips of washi tape in randomized sections. I applied the washi tape to the letters before painting them because the tape does not stick as well to painted surfaces. I then painted the uncovered areas with alternating colors to create a mix-match effect. If you don’t want to use washi tape on your design, you can use regular masking tape, then peel it off for well-defined striped patterns. 🙂

I decided to film a video (see below) for this week’s project as well to give you an idea of what the process was like! I hope you find it helpful for if you want to create these projects on your own! 🙂

And that is it for this week’s DIY Dorm Decor project! I had a lot of fun making these wall designs, and I’m so excited to show you the final decorated result in a few weeks! How are you planning on decorating your dorm room this year? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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