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Finding my Inner Peace

It’s currently 2:30am on a Tuesday (as I finish this post and schedule it to post), and my creative energy has finally been returning after a very long time. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I felt inspired to stay up and write a post or to post consistently. Since starting my blog there have been a number of stages of writers block, but this one has been the most extensive. So much has happened in the past year and a half, and my blogging could no longer be a priority. 

As I have started my final year of college, I’ve found that I feel as though I am returning to a place where writing is something that truly love. It’s becoming a place for me to share my experiences, reflections, and thoughts with the world again. As I was quickly scrolling through Pinterest earlier I saw a question that really got me thinking–“how do you find your inner peace?”. 

As I’ve talked about in recent posts (especially about finding happiness in change), overwhelm has been very present in my life for awhile now. But lately I’ve been feeling as though I am fully living in the present, and that many things are manifesting for me. There are still many sources of potential overwhelm, the most prominent being health and finishing my degree, but I’m very content with where I am. This got me thinking about how I find my inner peace, which is something that I was able to do even in the past year and a half. 

Acknowledge the successes

One of the feelings that comes up often for me is the feeling that I’m not doing enough. It’s really easy to feel as though I’m falling behind, whether that be with academics, creativity, or wellness. When this happens it’s very easy to feel stressed, and I remind myself to take a moment to think about the successes. What have I accomplished? This can be anything from bigger achievements to ensuring that I drank enough water on a certain day. Acknowledging what has been done helps me ground myself when those feelings of not doing enough surface. 

Enjoy the little moments

coffee and sunshine
Enjoying coffee and warm sunshine

This is one of my favorite things in life. Little moments are something that bring me immense joy, and the best part is that there are so many little moments in every day. My favorite daily moment is taking the time in the morning to get up a bit earlier than I need to (even though I’m really not a morning person at all) so that I can brew two cups of coffee and listen to my favorite music as I wake up for the day. I also really enjoy cooking and conversations about really random things. These are the moments that I remember most in life, and the moments that take up the most space in my journal. ♥

Listen to yourself

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is how to listen to what I need and to trust it. This often comes in the form of taking a study break to walk outside and take in the fresh air, cooking a late night nutritious meal (which I did just moments ago), or writing letters. I’ve learned that listening to what I need has helped me be more productive, be happier, and enjoy the present moment. It can be hard to let go of the guilt that often comes with doing what I need, but this is something that I am continuing to work on. 🙂 

Give everything the energy that it needs

This is something that is applicable to all aspects of life. On the one hand, it’s giving all of the energy that you can to academics and other opportunities. On the other hand, it’s putting energy into your creative passions, interests, and in taking care of yourself. Another way that this has helped me to find inner peace is through another idea that I saw on Pinterest: that you should allow yourself to feel what needs to be felt in the moment in response to something, but that you shouldn’t let something overstay its impact on your day.

smiling selfie in pigs are friends not food t shirt
Smiling for the new month

For example, a few weeks ago I had a morning. I went to make coffee and proceeded to spill the entire filter of old coffee grounds on the floor. After coffee took way longer than usual to make from this incident, I went to get ready for the long day (it was a Thursday, which is my busiest day schedule-wise). As I was almost ready to go, I dropped my mascara wand and it fell down the front of my white dress shirt. So it was time for a super fast outfit change, and there was no time to make lunch for the day. Despite all of this, I left the house determined to change the pace of the day. The day got considerably better because I lived in the frustrations but later was able to laugh them off and continue with the day. On days where more substantial things happen (bad news, health struggles, etc.) I find it’s helpful to instead search for small moments of positivity and light that can be enjoyed as many times as possible. 

October is going to be a very busy month for me, but as I get ready for it I’m finding a renewed sense of creativity and excitement for the present moment. Each day is filled with moments that can help bring back inner peace, even though the stressors are there too. What do you do to find your inner peace? 

© 2018 The Wise Willow and Alyssa DeBella. 

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