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Influencer Networks to Join to Start Monetizing Your Content

So what are influencer networks? When I first looked into options for monetizing my blog, the search results were, well, overwhelming. There were so many places to start and as a beginner blogger I didn’t know what I would qualify for.

Today I wanted to share with you the influencer networks that I’ve joined that have connected me with other content creators and have given me opportunities to write sponsored content for brands over the years. Before we get started, I wanted to link a few posts I wrote about social media development and tips for new bloggers that I learned over my years of blogging. 🙂 So many posts like this helped me when I started out blogging, and with all of the changes in social media and websites over the past few years I wanted to write about what has helped my brand grow! 

So let’s get started with influencer networks! 

What is an Influencer Network?

This was a question I had in my mind when I was first learning how to monetize my content. I kept seeing different influencer networks, affiliate programs, and ad networks and it was hard to figure out where to start.

Influencer networks are great places to start for new bloggers because they aren’t based as much on website traffic as much as content quality and frequency. They’re also a great way to connect with other influencers, and I found this to be really helpful when I was working on my content niche and social media platforms.

Some influencer networks have requirements for blog traffic and other metrics or are aimed at a specific niche, but many are free to join and individual campaigns will have certain requirements for participation.

Influencer Networks for Connecting and In-Kind/Gifted Opportunities

Some of the first influencer networks I joined are based primarily on connecting with brands and other content creators, and participating in gifted opportunities (receiving products in exchange for reviews). I have had a lot of success with these networks and highly recommend them to content creators who are just starting to monetize!


Bloglovin’ has its own influencer network for paid opportunities (mentioned later in this post!), but the Bloglovin’ website itself if a wonderful way to connect with other content creators and to get your content on a different platform outside of email marketing and social media. It’s also a great way to read posts by other bloggers, and they even have an app (iPhone and Android) that makes it easier to access! When people read your content through Bloglovin’ it does primarily stay on the Bloglovin’ website so you might not see a big jump in website traffic numbers, but it’s a great way to have your content seen by more creators.


BrandBacker is an influencer network primarily for gifted/in kind campaign opportunities with brands (though they do sometimes also have paid campaigns). BrandBacker is one of the first influencer networks I joined and I have had a lot of success connecting with brands on their platform.


Collabor8 is an app (iPhone and Android) for connecting with brands for primarily gifted/in kind opportunities. I’ve worked with a lot of brands through this app and have had amazing experiences with all of them, and even some longer-term collaborations. They have filters you can use to sort opportunities based on website traffic numbers and other metrics, and it’s a very user-friendly platform.


Influenster is one of my favorite platforms that I’ve had a lot of success with and have been able to work with incredible brands like Giorgio Armani, Sephora, Shiseido, and more. You build a profile and connect your social accounts, and Influenster will send you emails when you’re on the shortlist for their upcoming campaigns. Each campaign is different in terms of products, posting requirements, etc. but I’ve found it to be an incredible way to be able to try new products and brands and start creating sponsored content!


Perlu is an influencer network primarily focused on connecting with other content creators and brands (in a platform that resembles social media sites) and is a wonderful way to engage in content collaborations, reviews, etc!

Influencer Networks for Paid Campaign Opportunities

Activate by Bloglovin’

Activate by Bloglovin is the influencer network made by Bloglovin’ to connect influencers with brands. Most campaigns require certain metrics for website traffic and social media engagement, but it’s a great site to join even if you are just starting out so that you can build your portfolio and platform over time and see all the opportunities out there! I was invited to a blog conference in NYC through this platform and it was an amazing experience!

Everywhere Society

Everywhere Society/Everywhere Agency is an influencer network focused on connecting and collaborating. There are requirements to join this network (must have minimum 10k combined following and post regularly), but it’s a great network to keep in mind as you grow your audience! 

InfluenceHer Collective

InfluenceHer Collective is an influencer network for female content creators. This is one of the first influencer networks I joined, and I love getting update emails with campaign information and more! It’s a wonderful community of amazing creators that I highly recommend to bloggers looking to monetize their content and connect with other creators!


Linquia is an influencer network focused on paid brand collaborations that authentically blend into your content. There are a few minimum requirements to join this network: posting regularly (at least once a month), 2,500 combined follower minimum, and being located in North America. 

Sway Group

Sway Group is an influencer network for paid brand opportunities. I have had a lot of success with campaigns through this network and highly recommend them for influencers interested in monetizing their content! 


Webfluential is an influencer network that also allows you to build media kits that can be viewed by brands for campaigns and collaborations. I enjoyed building my media kit through Webfluential, and they have a great platform for working with brands! 

Starting to Monetize Your Content

I hope this post was helpful as you start to monetize your content! What I love most about these platforms is the resources they have to help you as you start your own content monetization journey!

Are there influencer networks you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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