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How to Organize a Small Space when Staying Home

I hope everyone is staying safe and well in these times, and I wanted to write a post about a project I undertook this weekend to organize my studio apartment for staying home that has made me feel way more grounded and centered in all of this uncertainty. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve come up with after this project for organizing a small space when staying home!

Small spaces

When I first moved in to my apartment I arranged it with the idea that most of the time I would be resting and eating before and after work, and spending time with friends in a living room type space.

Original living room layout

When we shifted to working from home, I kept this layout the same and added my computer setup to my big table envisioning that it was a temporary change. As time went on, I realized that I was working and eating in the same place, and the already difficult to define boundaries when working from home became even harder to manage (eating, sleeping, working/leisure).

Making a small space work for your lifestyle

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized I could easily rearrange my apartment to fit my new needs. Now that my dog Oliver and I have been spending all our time here aside from walks, the apartment started to feel incredibly small and crowded. I was moving chairs around to do yoga, and Oliver was always laying in the same few places.

One of my main goals was to create separate spaces for the different aspects of my life: sleeping, eating, and working/leisure. I read a number of articles recently that highlighted the importance of separating out these areas of your life when spending a significant amount of time inside, and the difference it has made already is incredible.

Make your bed an oasis

As time has gone on, my sleep quality has significantly diminished. I find myself tossing and turning each night, waking up feeling exhausted before the day even starts. The first thing I did was move my bed to an area with more light and fresh air, and I moved my TV to block some of the window for added privacy since I’m on a patio level.

New bed layout featuring Oliver 🙂

I reorganized all my books, movies, and games, and decluttered the drawer next to my bed (which was filled with a horrendous amount of tangled headphones and charging cables…). I also purposefully put my bed next to limited outlets so I could leave my phone across the room. I’ve been spending so much time on screens for the past few months, and decided to make my bed a phone-free zone (I’ve found myself scrolling aimlessly through social media when I can’t sleep).

This arrangement also created the perfect space for Oliver to watch dog TV! So far he’s really been appreciating the change too, though he was definitely a little bit confused at first!

Separate working and eating

My table and work desk before rearranging

By far, this has been the most important change for me. Looking back I realize how hard it was to eat and work in the same space, always having to move things around, and sitting in the same place for even more hours after my work day.

The first thing I did was collapse my table from it’s full size to save even more space, and then picked out my favorite decor items to go alongside the placemat and chair.

New “dining room” layout

I decided to put my desk next to the patio door so that I could get natural light and fresh air while working, and it makes all the difference!

Choose decorations that bring you joy

When I was going through everything in this entire process, I stumbled upon so many things I wanted to display and was able to put away things that had been out for awhile to change up the overall decor of the space.

My favorite corner with all of Oliver’s things and cute decor 🙂

My favorite space by far is Oliver’s eating and toy corner next to a table where I put all of my favorite things by a green and earthy color scheme. Never underestimate the power of decor to make you happier!

Focus on creating more open space

One of the most challenging things for me has been creating more open space and a sense of airy brightness. Whenever I wanted to workout or do yoga, I was moving chairs and barely had room to truly stretch out.

Creating a desk and moving it next to the patio door created lots of open space

I now have an entire section of free space that makes the apartment feel significantly bigger, which has helped so much with my cabin fever and feeling stuck. It’s also a great place for my yoga practices and workouts! 

Don’t be afraid to rearrange things as often as you need to

I never realized what a difference it would make to have everything arranged differently, and it was a lot easier of a process than I originally thought it would be! Now that we are all staying home much longer, I would recommend changing up decorations and layouts every once in awhile to bring fresh energy back into your space! 

Oliver watching Dog TV in the new space 🙂

Have you rearranged your living space recently after spending more time at home? I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram and Twitter (@blogsbyalyssa) or comment below! 

Stay safe, healthy, and well 💚


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