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Graduating from College and Other Updates

Hi! So last time I wrote a post I thought that would be my return to blogging…but here I am! My senior year of college was much busier than I anticipated, primarily due to changes in postgraduate plans and continued health challenges. It was a year of overwhelming change, and it became harder to find time to blog in the midst of it. 

The Past Few Months

Graduation on May 20th

Almost two weeks ago I graduated from college! I graduated with a B.A. in Religious Studies and Political Science, with a concentration (similar to a minor) in Peace and Conflict Studies. Those four years went by even faster as I neared the end of my undergraduate studies, and a significant amount of change took place in my last year.

As I mentioned in my post in January, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog Beau at the beginning of this year. In the middle of February we also had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog Amber, very suddenly and unexpectedly. They were both part of our family for ten years, and it was heartbreaking to lose both of them in the same year. Around that same time I also made a big shift in my postgrad plans, from going to graduate school to applying to jobs. This changed my workload for the next few months, and my plans for the next few years.

Though it was a year of significant change, some of that change brought joy. I had an amazing year of memories with my friends, laughing until I cried and making sure to live in the moment whenever possible. 🙂 I’m so grateful for everyone I met in my college years, and I know these are friendships I will carry with me through the rest of my life. 

Where I am Now

Excited for new adventures

After graduating I moved to Vermont, and am very excited for the next stage of my life. 🙂 Tomorrow I will start my new job and begin further adjusting to my postgrad life. As I’ve been settling in I’ve been drafting up ideas for content so that I can stick to posting more regularly this time (for real!). 

This weekend I made the edits I’ve been meaning to make to my sidebars and menus for ages, and am making final preparations to start on this new path! Some of the new menu titles don’t currently have content, but they’re topics I plan to write on in the near future (budgeting, minimalism, and wellness especially).  

Thank you for following along, whether you’ve been reading my blog for years or have just stumbled across it. 🙂 I have found such a supportive online community through this platform for many years now and I’m excited to reconnect with you all! 😀 Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or feedback you have about the updates I’ve made to the layout! 

P.S. I’ve also updated some of my blog pages now that I’ve officially graduated and am starting new things!


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