I Almost Forgot… It’s My Four Year Blogiversary!

Over the past few months you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a little more than absent here on the blog and on social media–for awhile there I was posting once a week and looking back on it I’m not sure how I did!

So much has changed over the past few years, as has the amount of time I’ve had to devote to my writing. I thought that would change as I started a new chapter as a non-student, and well I’ve found out that I almost have even less time! Oops.

For awhile now I’ve had a notebook page full of blog post topics that I have been meaning to get to, and have tried to find inspiration in those that manage to develop and create new, amazing content alongside a full time job. 

I wanted to pop on here to write a quick appreciation post for a day that I almost passed by this week–my four year Blogiversary. 

Bringing you up to speed on the past few months

In the past I celebrated my Blogiversary in a variety of ways–the one I’m most proud of being for one year of blogging where I managed to make a multi layer decorated cake despite my prominent lack of talent for baking (let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of baking fails lol! I live vicariously through the amazing Holly Jade of The Little Blog of Vegan, who has supported my blog from the start! 🙂 ) 

Boarding down a sand dune in my year of adventures in Chile, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo!

After that I had an incredible year of travel and exploration, much of which I was able to document (and even film/edit) for this online space! 🙂 But in my third year of college and blogging, many things changed and my drive to write and create dwindled. 

Since then I’ve struggled to return to this online community, feeling as though I no longer have content to contribute to the space that I created. As I graduated college and shared about the end of that journey much less than I envisioned (I had always planned posting frequently throughout my time and making many posts about starting a new chapter), I felt conflicted about whether or not I was going to continue with The Wise Willow. 

I started a new job at the end of June, and since then have been settling into the challenges that transition and adulthood bring. I’ve had quite a few post ideas, but have found myself too busy to bring them past the drafts folder stage. 

As I was working this week, my social media showed me my Blogiversary posts from years past. It made me smile to see how excited I was to celebrate each new year of posts. 🙂 My third and fourth years of blogging have been anything but consistent and growth-oriented, but it got me thinking about rebranding. 

Next month I will be moving to my first apartment on my own, closer to where I’m working in order to shorten my commute time (which I’m very excited about because I’m currently commuting more than an hour each way each day! *tired emoji here lol*). Shortly following that I’ll be turning 23 (whattt) and then having a surgery related to chronic health challenges I’ve been facing for a few years. 

I’m hoping all of these changes will inspire a shift in this online space and bring back my writing mojo that I’ve been missing for wayyy too long. 🙂 

Where I see this blog going 

Oliver–my adorable dog I plan on writing much more about!

I thought I would share with you a few of the topics I have in mind (and partially drafted posts all over the place!) for the near future:

-Adjusting to adulthood after college

-Dog mom on a budget (Oliver’s Instagram is here if you haven’t seen it yet!) 

-Sharing about my health challenges and what I’ve learned along the way

-Moving into a new apartment 

-Life hacks for de-stressing after a long day and commute

I’m also hoping to collaborate on posts and potentially create a Twitter chat because I’ve really been missing my Twitter community! 

I’ve been missing you!

One of the things I’ve missed the most about not posting in ages is connecting with you all. I miss our conversations in the post comments, messages on social media, and collaborations with other amazing creators. P.S. Let me know if there’s been a post you’ve been wanting to turn into a collab! 🙂 

Thank you so much for reading along for four whole years (I honestly have no idea where the time has gone)–and I look forward to getting back into my creative space soon! So grateful for all of you! 🙂 


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