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February, Flurries, and Finding My Way

It’s now February and has been quite some time since I’ve posted on here–I’ve taken time to reflect on the past few weeks. Since I last wrote, I flew back to college, moved in, and started my classes. The first few weeks have passed by in the blink of an eye, and the weather has had its own surprises with frequent snowfalls and cold wind.

Over the past few weeks I have had so many ideas for blog posts, social media updates, and the direction of my blog. But as soon as I started the semester, I started to feel overwhelmed by readjustment. This is something that I wasn’t anticipating, and it has definitely thrown me for a bit of a loop. I started to feel like the flurries of snow swirling around in the gusts of wind.  I was completely prepared for adjustments over the summer and for my semester abroad, but didn’t think that the adjustment back to campus life would also bring its own challenges.

These challenges have allowed me to reflect about the past year in more detail, and about what I am hoping to achieve from here. While I was abroad I adopted healthier habits, and I managed to write consistently in a journal that now sits on my desk awaiting new thoughts. This journal was the place for me to write down all of my experiences and musings, and it was an essential companion on all of my journeys.

But over the past few weeks I have gone through ups and downs of motivation, inspiration, creativity, and routine. I moved into an amazing space that feels like a sanctuary after busy days, complete with fairy lights and the items that I hold most dear (I hope to do an updated minimalism room tour as this space has already had such a positive impact on my semester). However, readjusting back to the schedule of campus life has definitely changed my creative habits. I’ve had the tendency to rest and sleep rather than create content, which has helped me adjust but has also allowed me to lose my blogging rhythm. Establishing a routine that allows me to get everything done that I need (and want) to while also ensuring that I get the rest and food I need has been a bit of a challenge. After changing routines for eight months straight, it has been difficult to find one that I can stick to through May.

However, I have been making new goals for myself and sticking to them. Many of my goals this semester involve wellness, as this is something that I tended to skip over last year. The following are a few of my wellness goals:

  • Drink a full glass of water when waking up to kick start hydration for the day
  • Drink tea instead of coffee, and only drink caffeinated tea when necessary
  • Always eat breakfast, and make time for lunch and dinner
  • Take vitamins in the morning with water and breakfast
  • Read more books from the local bookstore and library
  • Get out into town more to explore and unwind
  • Continue journaling
  • Adopt a nighttime yoga practice to relax and ease muscle tension (the one that I have been loving lately can be found here)

I have been making progress on these goals (and started thinking about goals after watching the videos by Shannon Brown of EndlessMay!), and attempting to find balance with my academic workload.

I wanted to write this post as a life update, and to let you know that more content is coming in the near future. I am hoping to be able to get back into the blogging routine, and to make a few changes that will inspire creativity.

Over winter break I redesigned the layout of my blog, which is something that has helped me feel inspired to create. I also have new ideas for my social media pages (for example, I’m considering turning the blogger interview series into a Facebook post and Twitter update!). If you have any ideas for what you would like to see, let me know below! If you have also been through a shift in creativity after a life pace change, I would love to know too! I hope to take my creativity in new directions this year, and to balance the experiences I’ve had with new ones. 🙂

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