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DIY Gratitude Journal


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In the summertime it is easy to forget about the rapid pace of life that takes place in the winter and spring. It is a time where the weather, vacations, and new adventures make us feel at ease and content. Given that summer is almost over (I know, how did that happen??), I thought I would share with you one of the most beneficial additions to your school or work schedule: a gratitude journal. 

A gratitude journal is designed to bring you out of the chaos of everyday life, and it provides you with a time for positive reflection. We all have those days when life becomes overwhelming, and a gratitude journal helps you focus on the little things in life. The guidelines for such a journal are very simple:

  1. Write at least three things you are grateful for at the end of each day
  2. Aim to write in your journal every day (this will help establish a positive habit!)
  3. Don’t overlook the little things, as those are often what we are most grateful for!

I know you might be thinking “what if it is impossible to write down three things on some days”. Well, it may seem impossible at first, but there are actually many simple and ordinary things that we overlook in everyday life that we can be grateful for. Here are some examples for reflection if you are ever stuck: coffee-843278_1280

  • Morning coffee
  • Comfort food
  • Having enough energy (even if barely!) to get through the day
  • Finishing a tough assignment
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Beautiful weather (or your favorite type of weather)

A gratitude journal can be made out of any type of  Journal  –from a daily planner to blank paper (I love this one because it reminds me of Tangled, and who doesn’t love Tangled! 🙂 ). Just remember to write the date (if it’s not already on the page)! I began writing gratitude journal entries two years ago. It was difficult at first to come up with three things on certain days, but before I knew it my lists were growing longer and I looked forward to my time of reflection at the end of each day. If you continue to write in your journal you will begin to look for the good in every day, even if you faced many obstacles. This positive mindset allows you to reflect on the day in a good light, and takes the focus away from potentially negative challenges. Here is a sample of one of my journal entries:

Sunday August 9th, 2015: 

What I was grateful for today: 

  • Making pancakes for breakfast
  • The support of my family and friends
  • The beautiful sunset


Now that the summer is ending, create your own gratitude journal and start recording the best moments of every day! 🙂

[Let me know in the comments what you are grateful for, I love to read them!]

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