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DIY Dorm Decor: Coloring Page Frames

Coloring Page Frames-2It’s hard to believe that the month of August is passing us by already! For many, this means that school starts in a week or two. I will be moving into my dorm room on the 23rd of August, and DIY dorm decor has been one of my pastimes in the past few weeks to prepare for move-in day. My other two posts in this DIY series covered DIY Washi Tape Mason Jars and DIY Inspirational Wall Art. In this post, I am going to be going over an easy and fun project to add personalized art to your dorm room walls!

Materials You Will Need

I’ve always loved coloring, especially in times when I’m stressed about schoolwork and other commitments. One of my favorite pastimes is to color and listen to podcasts (my current favorite being podcasts from!). It allows me to focus on other things while still feeling productive 🙂 This DIY is very simple, and can be a project that extends over a larger period of time (a few weeks out of the semester, for example).


What You Need:

  • 20160806_130452_HDR
    I love my colored pencils from eeboo!

    Colored pencil set (mine is from eeboo®) and sharpener

  • Coloring page and matching frame (I found a set at Michaels® by Time-Out Color-In®)
  • Your favorite snack and drink (optional but I love to color with snacks and drinks! :))
  • Background music, an audiobook, or a podcast (also optional, but great for feeling productive and learning something new!)

What To Do

My first coloring page

Start by disassembling the frame if necessary, and position the coloring page on a clean surface with your colored pencils and other necessities within close reach. Envision what the rest of your dorm decor looks like, and plan your color schemes accordingly. Alternatively, you can wing it and get creative with your muses in the moment, which is what I chose to do for my three coloring pages.

Color away to your heart’s content, and remember to take breaks and enjoy the project in the moment. Coloring is something that can definitely get boring after awhile, so feel free to use it as a break from other to-do list tasks that you may have.

Using a darker line to emphasize borders

You can use different shading techniques to achieve different looks and patterns. For example, you can use the edge of the pencil to create a soft texture. For bold colors you can use a damp paper towel to transfer moisture to the pencil lead. Feel free to add glitter and other add-ons as desired! 🙂

When you are done with your coloring page, simply place it on the cardboard backing and secure it in the frame. You can buy command strips to affix it to your dorm room walls on move-in day! I chose to create three very different coloring page frames to add a unique vibe to my room decor.

London coloring page

The first coloring page I did says You Are My Sunshine, and I used yellow, orange, and red hues. The second page says Choose Happiness and features cooler pastel tones (pinks, purples, blues, and greens). The last page I chose to do features common landmarks and sayings of England. I chose this because I remember my trip to London in 2012 very fondly, and loved the layout of the coloring page. I used an assortment of colors on this page, making it very bright and intriguing 🙂

All three coloring page frames

I hope you enjoy this simple but fun DIY project! If you decide to recreate it for your dorm room, I would love to see it! Tag me on Instagram and Twitter (IG: @debellita, Twitter: @alyssa_debella)! Do you have a dorm room decor theme for this year? Let me know in the comments!

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