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DIY Cookie Jar Gifts

DIY CookieJarsWhile wandering through an antique store, I stumbled upon a book for making cookie jars. It was priced at $1.50, and it had many recipes and decorating ideas that intrigued me. I bought the book and have come to discover that these cookie jars make fun and thoughtful gifts that have yet to go out of style!

After flipping though the pages, I decided to try the most basic recipe: traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Most everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, so I figured it would be the perfect intro recipe. 🙂

Because the book was in an antique shop, it is most likely not readily available for purchase. For this reason, I have recreated the mix recipe and tags for you to print out and use.

I began this project by reading through the recipe to see what I would need.

© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella

As I was shopping, I discovered that quart sized mason jars are hard to find. Instead, I picked up a few pint jars and decided to halve the recipe. In fact, pint jars seemed like a better size for a cookie gift, so I highly recommend them.

Once I had everything I needed, I set it all out on the table. To make things easier, I have created a Complete Materials List for you to print out and take to the store! So without further ado, let’s get started!

© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella

The first thing you will want to do is wash out your pint jars with soap and water, then dry them out with a dish towel. Then, line them all up with their lids off to make assembly as easy as possible.

To begin assembling the jars, start with the baking powder. Using a 1/2tsp measuring spoon and add one spoonful to each jar (remember, we must halve the recipe for a pint jar 🙂 ). Do the same for the baking soda. Next, add 1/4tsp of salt.

© Alyssa DeBella

The next ingredient is tricky, but can be made simple by using a 1/4C measure. Add 1/4C and 1/8C of all-purpose flour to each jar. Using a measuring spoon, gently pack this layer of flour down so that all of the ingredients will fit into the jars. Next, add 1/8C of cane sugar. Pack that layer down, and add 1/8C of brown sugar. Pack that layer down too. Now it is chocolate chip time!

© Alyssa DeBella

I recommend using semi-sweet chocolate chips as these balance out the sugar in the dough. Add 1/2C of chocolate chips to each jar, and gently tap them to pack this layer down. Next, add and pack down 1/4C of brown sugar followed by 1/8C of cane sugar. To finish the jar, add 1/2C of all-purpose flour!

Now that the jars are filled, it is time to decorate! For my jars, I picked out a fabric with a cupcake print, and ribbon with a polka dot print to add a fun contrast to the jars.

© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella

For the pint jars, I cut out fabric circles that were about four inches in diameter. These don’t have to be perfect! They ruffle around the edges when placed over the jars anyway. 🙂

© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella

Once the fabric circles are made, place them over the center of the jar opening and screw on the lid. Next, cut sections of ribbon that are about 13 inches long. Wrap the ribbon just below the base of the lid, and tie in a double knot. Now it is time to cut the tags! Print out the tags (click the blue “tags” link above!), and cut along the edges. You can then punch a hole in the corner of the tag, and thread the ribbon through it. Tie another double knot to secure it in place, and voila! You have a cookie jar gift!

If you would like me to do more baking DIY posts, let me know in the comments! Enjoy your cookie jars!

©2015 The Wise Willow and Alyssa DeBella. All rights reserved.


© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella
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