Budget-Friendly Makeup Must-Haves for Winter

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now, and each morning I’m reminded when I use all of my current favorites for my daily makeup routine! There are so many incredible makeup products out there that are incredibly budget-friendly and perfect for winter.

Recently I’ve been finding myself reaching for the same products each morning as I get ready and I wanted to share them with you! I’ve been getting more into beauty and makeup recently, and a few weekends ago I went into my local Ulta store (it’s very dangerous that there’s one so close to me!) to browse the makeup and beauty items that were on sale.

I got a few amazing makeup bits and bobs during that trip, and have been using those with a few other products that have been making getting ready in the morning an easy and stress-free process (which is amazing with a busy work week, especially when you get to Thursday or Friday and my tired skin needs all the help it can get!).

So without further ado here are my favorite budget-friendly beauty must-haves for winter!

I Heart Revolution Donut Palettes

So I posted about these on Instagram recently because I am absolutely in love with them!! I was immediately drawn to this packaging when I was in Ulta, and I also love how travel size they are too. They come in way too many shades to be able to choose (I had such a hard time), and I ended up picking up the shades Berry Jam and Strawberry Sprinkle. Both palettes have shades you can use for everyday looks but also have darker and more bold shades for nighttime or weekend looks.

Ulta Beauty New Heights Lifting Mascara

First off, you may or may not know but I literally can’t resist anything purple (my favorite color!). The packaging on this mascara is incredible, and the wand itself is short but creates defined, non-clumpy, bold lashes. It lengthens and defines, and the formula dries quickly with minimal fallout! It’s very reasonably priced as well, especially compared to a few high end mascaras I’ve tried that don’t have the same results.

Ulta Beauty Poreless Face Primer

I received this as part of a free bag from my Ulta order (I made an Instagram post of all the goodies I got!) and I absolutely love it. In the winter it’s so easy for my skin to get red and irritated (mostly from the cold and dry winds!) and this primer has helped to keep my skin balanced and even. It also really helps on those days where my skin just feels tired (usually by the end of the week–have I mentioned that Thursday is my least favorite day?). A little goes a long way with this primer as well which is great for everyday use!

Ohii Beauty Glass Powder

One of the things that I use multiple times a day is setting powder. I have combination skin that is more on the oily side, and this Ohii setting powder helps to keep my makeup in place even with my hectic schedule (multiple commutes each day, walking my dog in all weather at lunchtime, etc). I absolutely love the packaging as well! It’s both durable and beautiful, and comes with an applicator for those days when you don’t want to carry a makeup brush with you.

BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

BH Cosmetics is one of my absolute favorite makeup brands–they are incredibly budget-friendly and high-quality! Most of the makeup I own is from BH and this eyeliner is one of my favorite products I’ve ever used! Winter weather usually brings cold winds, and my eyes will water all day long! This eyeliner doesn’t budge at all and stays all day no matter what my schedule looks like. It is removed easily with makeup remover or facial cleanser, and is non-irritating too. Something else that I love about this eyeliner is that it doesn’t dry out like so many eyeliner pens do–so that’s a huge plus!

Too Faced Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow 

I picked this up at one of my favorite stores ever–TJMaxx. It was on sale and I couldn’t resist the shade! I’ve been on the lookout for more bold and sparkly nude shades to wear for special occasions, and I love that this liquid eyeshadow can accent looks or be used on its own. It dries fast though is best used with an eyeshadow primer meant for glitter shades–but the color is stunning! I got the shade Pink Champagne Sugar which was one of the most neutral of all the shades (but they were all incredible!).

Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioner

I posted about this holy grail product on my Instagram recently but it may be my favorite product at the moment! Winter weather is harsh on my skin and my hair, and I’ve struggled to find a conditioner that doesn’t add weight and oil to my hair (especially during busy work weeks). I shampoo my hair with color protecting shampoo and towel dry, and then spray on Daily Dose and brush through to the ends–the result is magical! I can immediately feel a difference in my hair, and I can go to bed knowing that I’ll wake up to manageable and healthy hair!

What are your winter budget-friendly beauty must-haves?

I’m always looking for recommendations! Leave a comment below or comment on any of my social media pages (especially Instagram) with your favorite products!

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