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Book Review: The Kane Chronicles Book One–The Red Pyramid

1For this book review, I decided to review the first book in a series by one of my favorite authors: Rick Riordan. You may know him from the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series (reviews on those to come! 🙂 ), but this series explores the secrets of the Egyptian world.

The book is written as an audio recording, and includes frequent side commentaries from the two narrators, siblings Carter and Sadie: “Okay, Sadie is telling me to stop stalling and get on with the story. Fine” (Riordan 2). Carter and Sadie are not typical siblings–they only visit twice per year. Carter travels around the world with his father, and Sadie lives in London with their grandparents. This arrangement was made shortly after the mysterious death of their mother, and they have been living this way for six years. They have very little in common–that is, until their father destroys part of the British Museum.

© Alyssa DeBella
© Alyssa DeBella

That night, they discover that their father is the Egyptian Lord Osiris, and the mystery around their mother’s death starts to make sense. Of course, there is a rocky road leading to accepting these unbelievable circumstances, but Carter and Sadie are tasked with preventing The Demon Days and the destruction of the Gods. They must look past their differences and join forces with other magicians to save their world.

This book has incredible character development, as Carter and Sadie must adapt to their new lives. They must work through their flaws and abandon their old realities in the face of danger. Characters that enter their lives are also well-developed and complex. The humor and the detailed nature of the book combine to create a unique read.

This first installment in the series keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, and sets the stage for the next two books in the series. I also learned a considerable amount of Egyptian history through the settings and characters in the series (the glossary at the end helped too!). I highly recommend this book to everyone, and am confident that you will love it as much as I do! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and reviews on The Throne of Fire and The Serpent’s Shadow are coming soon! 🙂

©2015 The Wise Willow and Alyssa DeBella. All rights reserved.

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