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Blogger Interview: Makaela from Uniquely Mickie

In my blogging journey, I have become increasingly interested in learning about how other bloggers started their blogs and what they have been able to accomplish. I decided to reach out on Twitter about an interview series, and the interest was more than I ever could have expected!

I decided to start a new series on my blog to interview all of these amazing creators about their blogs, their goals, and more!

So without further ado, here is the first interview in the series!


Makaela of Uniquely Mickie


Hello, my name is Makaela. In my 21 years of life, I have lived in 8 different places in two continents. While I love to travel and would love to continue to do so after college, I spend most of my time now juggling a social life and the homework that comes with being in pharmacy school. This site is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of growth as well as college, fashion, and beauty as seen through my eyes.


What is your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song at the moment is Run Me Dry by Bryson Tiller.

What is your favorite type of food (or types if there are ties!)?

I either love pizza or I love a Chik-fil-a sandwich with cheese on it.

Coffee, tea, neither, or both?

I don’t like coffee or tea, but I love a good hot chocolate!

Do you prefer to hand write or to type?

I prefer to hand write certain things like my school notes or a to-do checklist, but I also love my computer when I’m in a hurry to write something down.
What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is Fall because I love how the weather changes and that I get to wear big, oversized sweaters while drinking hot chocolate.

What is your favorite book (or one that you would recommend at the moment)?

My favorite book is actually a series, which is the Harry Potter series. I’m so obsessed with the storyline and the characters.
Any fun facts you want to share? 

A fun fact about me is that I’ve shaved my head for cancer twice. I donated my hair to different organizations to help cancer patients.

When did you start your blog, and what was the reasoning behind it? Similarly, what was the inspiration behind your blog/brand name (and did you find it difficult to create)?

I started my blog in May 2017 finally. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but my first attempt failed and I lost motivation to continue writing on that platform. But I recently had the urge to try again and created my blog Uniquely Mickie. My blog name actually came from my current instagram handle. I thought it was fun so I just decided to use it for my blog name too.

When you first started blogging, did you have a goal in mind for where you wanted it to (or thought it would) take you? Have you reached that goal or changed it?

When I started my blog, I definitely had a few goals in my mind some of which are a work in process. Like I wanted to get to 50,000 page views in less than a year, but right now I’m averaging around 4,000 page views. I also wanted to create an income from my blog, which I have started to do, but I would love to see it grow each month.

What did you know about blogging before you started? What were the resources you used to find out more?

Before I started my blog, I would just blog stalk on Pinterest on everything that I found useful and saved in a blogging board for later. So when I started my blog, I went back to those resources and they really helped me a long my journey of starting a profitable blog.

Where do you find your inspiration to continue blogging? Has your inspiration stayed the same since you started your blog?

I don’t really need to find inspiration to blog, because I genuinely love blogging and connecting with others over the internet. My inspiration has definitely stayed the same since I started blogging back in May.

What is your favorite social media platform or method of communication with your readers? What about the platform makes it your favorite?

I love connecting with my readers through Instagram and Twitter. It’s so fun to talk to people and really learn more about the people in your niche or readers.  

If you had to sum up everything that you have learned about blogging to tell someone new to the community, what would you tell them?

If I had to sum up the information that I’ve learned, I would tell a beginner to just go for it. Blogging takes time, patient, and a whole lot of experimenting what works for you and your readers. The best part about blogging is the connections that you make in your community that you get to build from the ground up. It’s a great experience! So if you’re thinking of blogging or starting a Youtube channel, then go for it 100%!  

Where do you see your blog taking you in the future? What are your goals for the next few months/years?

In the future, I would love to see my blog to grow to 50,000 pageviews and earn a livable income from blogging. But I would love to see my brand and blog grow to the point where I get to attend really cool events, like blogging networks, panels, or fashion shows. I would also love to work with brands in commercial or in videos on their platforms to get my face and name out to the public more. It’s a crazy idea, but I’m willing to go alone the journey to get there.

What is your favorite part about the creative process? (i.e. do you have a favorite step in the blog post writing process, a favorite topic or style, etc.)

My favorite part of the creative process is a tie between making pinterest pins or actually writing the blog content itself. I love writing so I could write for days on any topic that I’m truly interested in, but I’m also slightly creative so making images is really fun too. 


If you would like to learn more about Makaela, you can connect to her blog and her social media on UniquelyMickie! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Makaela from Uniquely Mickie”

  1. Oh wow this is such a great idea for a series – it is always fun to discover new bloggers and learn about their journeys! I couldn’t agree more with that the best tip is to actually start because so many people put off their blogging journey for too long (I did this myself as I was too worried no one would read lol). Makaela definitely had a new reader!

    maria |

    1. Thank you so much Maria!! I feel the same way, I put off talking about my blog and really working towards it because I thought that nobody would read it and that I didn’t have a lot to contribute. Two years later and I couldn’t imagine my life without my blog! Thank you for following along with this series, it has been so much fun to create and I have learned so much from it! 🙂 xx Alyssa

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