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Blogger Interview Series: Post IVF World

Hey there! It’s time for the next blogger interview in my series! I have had so much fun with this series and I hope you have too! I apologize for the delay in posts lately, life has gotten very crazy! I have a little less than a month left of my study abroad program, which means lots of logistics to figure out–but I am going to make an effort to post more often in the coming weeks!

Today’s interview is with Post IVF World, and I am so excited to share more about her blogging journey with you!



Before I start the answers, I just want to thank The Wise Willow for letting me take part in this interview series! I know I am a niche blog and not for everyone, but it really is awesome to receive support from other bloggers!! Thank you!

What is your favourite song at the moment?

Rex Orange county – Best friend

What is your favourite type of food (or types if there are types!)?

PIIZZAAAA Always pizza! Or Greek food, but mostly pizza!

Although I do have a ‘difficult’ relationship with food and struggle to let myself have these kind of treat foods much!

Coffee, tea, neither, or both?

Tea for sure! I had a friend over this weekend who loves coffee and she really tried to get me into it! But I just couldn’t do it!!

Do you prefer to hand write or to type?

Hand write notes but type up posts and articles! It is much easier to correct mistakes that way!

What is your favourite season?

Autumn! So right now, I love the cold air, the falling leaves, the cosy nights and the wrapping up! It makes me so exited for Christmas and bonfire night is a big deal in my family too!

What is your favourite book (or one that you would recommend at the moment)?

I love the Northern lights trilogy by Philip Pullman, it takes me to another place, where things are interesting and different and I find my anxiety just disappears!

Any fun facts you want to share?

I have a friend I met on holiday when I was 7! We are still close and talk all the time and see each other as much as possible, she lives in London and I am in the North! I feel proud that we have kept our friendship going so long!

When did you start your blog, and what was the reasoning behind it?

I went through menopause at 15, I had 3 rounds of IVF in my early 20’s and had 2 pregnancy losses, ultimately we decided to end our IVF journey with no children, I originally started writing about this as a form of therapy, and thought I may as well publish the work I was doing, to help others and show people they are not alone!

Similarly, what was the inspiration behind your blog/brand name (and did you find it difficult to create)?

My blog is ‘postivfworld’, it does what it says on the tin, I have thought of changing it, but I am not sure if I should or not!

It allows me to be pretty versatile in what I write about as it can cover anything in my life now!

When you first started blogging, did you have a goal in mind for where you wanted it to (or thought it would) take you?

Not at all, I hoped to help some people, maybe get a couple of emails from people saying reading it has helped them through difficult times, I never thought I would find such an amazing/ supportive community!

What did you know about blogging before you started?

Very little, I mostly knew of the famous beauty and fashion bloggers, I had no idea of the diversity of blogging topics and groups out there! I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I started my blog!

What were the resources you used to find out more?

In all honesty, I didn’t, one day I just got a word press account and went for it, and here I am about 6 months later, still learning and making mistakes but really enjoying the process!

Where do you find your inspiration to continue blogging?

From the people I speak to everyday, sharing their own stories and helping others, I love the people I speak to and the things I have gotten involved with! Its addictive!

Has your inspiration stayed the same since you started your blog?

Absolutely, although now I would love to make some money from it, I work hard enough on it, and I would love to get paid to write articles for magazines that focus on infertility, pregnancy loss, or mental health issues.

What is your favourite social media platform or method of communication with your readers?

Absolutely Twitter, I find it so easy to communicate with others. I love getting involved with the chats and finding new people to talk to.

If you had to sum up everything that you have learned about blogging to tell someone new to the community, what would you tell them?

Be yourself, write what comes naturally and don’t force it!

Have you ever rebranded your blog or changed direction with it?

NO! Although I have thought about it! But my name really allows for everything, wherever my ‘post ivf world’ takes me.. although I do try to stick to my main topics!

What has been your favourite part about blogging overall (if you could only pick one!)?

I have found my purpose, I honestly believe that I was meant to do this!

Have you ever experienced ‘bloggers block’ or a slump in motivation? How have you overcome this challenge?

Yes totally, surely everyone does sometimes? I normally walk away from the computer and try again later! I also make sure I write down ideas when they come to me or I will forget and be annoyed when I can’t think of anything to write!

Where do you see your blog taking you in the future?

Hopefully I can get more involved in campaigning for mental health, IVF, infertility education etc. I would love to write for a magazine on a regular basis and get paid for it too, but ultimately I want to create a community of people who are trying to live their life post IVF and looking for support!

What is your favourite part about the creative process? (i.e. do you have a favourite step in the blog post writing process, a favourite topic or style, etc.)

I love just sitting down and writing how I feel, getting my thoughts out of my head and on to paper, or onto a computer, it helps me process things and reduces my anxiety!

I love these kind of Q&A posts too, I enjoy them because especially on my blog which can be very serious, it provides an insight into the person a little more, and some relief from what can be very hard topics to write about!

If you could pick three words to sum up your blogging journey, what would they be?

Very early days!!!!

Who are the creators or people in your life that inspire you?

I am inspired by the other fertility bloggers out there, the bloggers that talk about mental health and put themselves in vulnerable positions, also by the big bloggers who are nailing what they do!

Thanks again guys!

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Thank you for being willing to take part in my blogger interview series! 🙂

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