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Toothbrushes made out of bamboo?

For a little over a year now I’ve been writing more posts focused on sustainability and eco living, and I’ve loved sharing what I’ve learned with you! One of my goals is to share everyday things that we can all do to make a positive impact on the environment and one of my favorite switches to make is–the bamboo toothbrush!

I’ve always been interested in taking good care of my teeth, and when I started to do more research about sustainability I realized how unsustainable plastic toothbrushes really are. There is so much plastic in the ocean that by 2050 there is likely to be more plastic than fish (due to plastic waste and overfishing). As someone who wants to make a positive impact, I understand how overwhelming the issue of plastic pollution can be. However, as I mentioned in my Comprehensive Guide to Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brands, each one of us can make a difference in our everyday lives. It may not seem like it matters, but each person replaces their toothbrush every three months on average–that’s a lot of toothbrushes! All of those toothbrushes build up into plastic contamination that takes longer than lifetimes to break down.

That being said, there is an easy and affordable switch that we can all make when it comes to toothbrush waste! Bamboo toothbrushes use a sustainable resource (fast growing bamboo–and bamboo that is harvested from the tops of the plant so as to minimize disruption to the bamboo that pandas eat) to craft toothbrushes in which the only waste produced is the bristles. The bristles can often be recycled as plastic as well.

So how do you buy a bamboo toothbrush and what can you expect from making the switch? I’ve partnered with The Humble Co., whose toothbrushes I absolutely love (they’re also vegan which is great!). Bamboo toothbrushes don’t feel gritty as you might expect, and they’re just as durable as plastic toothbrushes. Additionally, the removal of the bristles sounds like a complicated process but it takes less than two minutes! I filmed a video of me removing the bristles on my old bamboo toothbrush once I ordered new ones so that you can see how easy it is! 🙂 Once you’ve removed the bristles, you can reuse or compost the handle! I like to use mine as supports for potted plants or as reusable stirrers for my coffee when I’m on the go so that I don’t use the coffee shop one-time-use plastic ones. 🙂

The toothbrushes have been produced with dentists in mind as well, and are just as efficient at cleaning your teeth as the leading plastic toothbrush. You can also get the toothbrushes in a variety of bristle strengths (and colors! 😀 )–which for me is very important because soft bristles are the only ones that work for my teeth.

The Humble Co. were kind enough to offer me a discount code to share with my readers! It’s valid from today (August 3rd) until Friday August 10th. You’ll get 15% off when you buy a minimum of two items (I always buy two toothbrushes at a time in case I misplace one which interestingly does happen haha!). You can use the code thewisewillow18 at checkout or use this link and the discount will be applied to your purchase! 🙂 

Have you used a bamboo toothbrush before? Let me know what you think of them and if you decide to make the switch! 😀 

I received the products featured in this post in exchange for my honest review. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Wise Willow possible! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Toothbrushes made out of bamboo?”

  1. Ever since becoming a vegetarian and making myself more aware of the damage we are doing to the planet I’ve been interested in trying bamboo toothbrushes but I could never find one that still cleans your teeth really well. This is a really informative post and the video of you removing the bristles was really satisfying to watch too! x

    1. Bamboo toothbrushes are so amazing and a wonderful switch to make–my journey to them was quite similar to yours!! And haha it’s actually quite fun to remove the bristles!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, it means the world! xx

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