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Astrology and Numerology: My Journey

My Journey inIf you had asked me a few years ago how I handled my problems, I would tell you that I would hold them in or ignore them until they couldn’t be ignored anymore. To me, this was a normalized routine in which I felt okay until it was too much. It was through this approach that I found astrology and numerology, and consequently a new lifestyle.


Many of my problems felt as though they came out of left field, and for this reason I turned to horoscopes as a way to prepare myself for potentially challenging situations. While some argue that horoscopes can lead to a placebo effect of negativity, I’ve never found this to be the case. The key is not seeing horoscopes as predictions of the future, but rather as advice for situations you may encounter. There are many times where horoscopes have been uncannily accurate, and other times where I never lived out their situations. However, they have allowed me to feel more secure in my actions as each day comes. The horoscope site that I use most frequently is This website has daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes as well as numerology references and other pertinent information. Their writing style is witty and informational, and checking their horoscopes has become one of my favorite daily routines.

Ascending Masters Tarot Deck

Tarot Cards:

As I became more comfortable with horoscopes and astrology, I started to look into tarot with the guidance of one of my amazing family friends. Tarot cards allow you to ask about life situations on your own time and get advice from your spiritual guides. These cards come in many styles and formats, and one of my favorite artists is Doreen Virtue. I currently have her Dolphins and Mermaids tarot deck, as well as her Ascended Masters deck (which I bought on Friday!). These have helped me to feel more secure during times of uncertainty, and their breathtaking artwork brings me peace in times of chaos.

Many Variations of Tarot Cards
Many Variations of Tarot Cards

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can buy a tarot card deck and use it effectively (even without any astrology or numerology experience!). All you have to do is concentrate on your energy (how you are feeling in that moment, and what is on your mind the most). Then you must clear out the energy from the cards by knocking on them with your knuckles and waving the energy away (I like to close my eyes and envision golden light leaving the deck). Now you are ready to ask your question. Shuffle the cards until you feel as though you no longer need to, and select your cards. I usually select three cards, and do this by looking at the cards and selecting the three that appeal the most to me. There is no incorrect way to do this. Something is driving you to these cards over others, even if you feel as though nothing is happening or that you are picking them randomly. You can also pick the top three cards off of the deck after shuffling, or any variation of card selection. Do what feels right to you. When you start out, it is most helpful to take the included guidebook and read over the detailed explanations for every card that you draw. This helps to familiarize you with their meanings, and after a while you won’t need to look at this guidebook anymore.

Common Crystals and Healing Properties
Common Crystals and Healing Properties


Another area of numerology that I have explored is that of crystals. I have always loved the visual appeal of crystals, and after learning about their healing properties I have started a collection. Each type of crystal has its own energy, and can be used during certain situations. For example, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This can be love of self, family, and others. This stone supports you in times of need for self-love and respect, or when you need guidance in your relationships with others. Blue Lace Agate, as another example, enhances your communication skills and willingness to take risks without being overcome with nerves or anxiety. has a wonderful reference guide if you are interested in getting crystals of your own! I place mine by my pillow at night, but sometimes will hold them when reading or watching a movie.


Astrology, Numerology, and Life-Path Numbers
Astrology, Numerology, and Life-Path Numbers

I’ve also learned about the numerology behind my birthdate and personality linkages. Numerology deals with life-path numbers as a way to explore potential paths for exploration that are well-suited for you. Numerology involves many calculations (of your life-path number, daily number, etc.) but there are many websites that can do this for you. I often refer to for all of my numerology questions. I have a life-path number of 8, which designates me as a natural leader. While these numbers have many assumptions behind their calculations, aspects of them often prove true for everyone.

Astrology and numerology have enhanced my life is more ways than I ever thought possible. Part of my daily routine includes checking up on my daily and weekly horoscopes, numerology numbers, and tarot cards. I have more confidence in my abilities and in my struggles, and have been able to address problems at their core instead of waiting for them to overwhelm me.

If you have any interest in astrology or numerology, I highly recommend that you give it a try! If you still have questions, or want to know more about any of these practices feel free to leave a comment below or email me at! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kim! I’m so glad you liked it! Astrology and Numerology have become a significant part of my life, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 It’s amazing to hear that you love it too! xx

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