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A Day In My Life: College Edition

A Day In My Life_ College EditionFor this week’s post I decided to try something different. I am not very familiar with video editing techniques, but I managed to throw together a small video of my typical Monday! I hope you like it! I thought it would be more interesting for you to see all that goes on in my day, in addition to reading about it.

You can view the YouTube video here!

cup-779284_640A typical Monday starts with my iPod alarm at 7:00am. Of course I don’t actually get out of bed until 7:15, which is why I set my alarm early. Once I am up, I get ready for the day and eat my breakfast. For breakfast I usually have a bagel and cream cheese or a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I’ll even have a peanut butter and banana sandwich if I have time!

By 8:15 I am leaving my dorm and walking to work. I work in the Office of Admission for two hours on Mondays, before going to my first class: Studying Religion in India. After class (from 11-11:50am), I will go to the Grille for some lunch. I usually treat myself to a Snapple along with a cliff bar, yogurt, and almond milk. 🙂 coffee-1149035_640

At 12:45pm I walk to my next class: Introduction to Sociology. After Sociology (1-1:50pm) I will walk back to my room and change into more comfortable clothes. I will then take a break (usually watching YouTube videos or blogging) before beginning my homework.

At 5:30 I take a homework break and go to workout at the gym. I usually workout for about an hour, and then will come back to go to dinner around 6:30pm.

writing-828911_640After dinner is when I devote most of my time to homework. At around 9:00pm, after a few hours of homework, I will take a nighttime snack break. In the wintertime, one of my favorite nighttime snacks is Ramen Noodles. Even though it isn’t the healthiest, Ramen is very comforting for working late into the night. 🙂

After my ramen break, I will continue my homework until midnight. I will then pack up for the next day, and get ready for bed.

*Though the video and post describe a typical Monday, I also take a dance course and am part of a music ensemble on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking an introductory dance course covering modern dance techniques, and am a part of the Zimbabwean Mbira ensemble.*

If you would like to see more new media posts in the future, let me know in the comments! I had a lot of fun filming, and would love to continue this trend. I am planning on investing in more professional video editing software over the summer as a way to improve my skill set and content. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in seeing!

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