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My Summer Blogging Goals

I wanted to start this post by thanking you for your patience with my transition to a new hosting service, your support has been amazing! Now that everything is in place, I’m ready to continue my blogging journey. This week has allowed me to reflect […]

My Summer Reading List

One of my favorite summer pastimes is discovering new books to read on lazy afternoons and evenings, and this summer I have a long list of books I have added to my reading list over the¬†course of the year. I read books of many genres, […]

My Summer Bucket List

I have officially finished my first year of college, and now that I am home in Colorado I am looking forward to all of the adventures that lie ahead! The following is a list of all that I hope to accomplish in the next few […]

Staying Positive

My first year of college is coming to a close (I can hardly believe it!), and I have been reflecting on all that I have learned this past year. To me, it is amazing how much you can change just in one year’s time. I […]


The stars create a mosaic of brilliant light in the clear summer sky, and a crisp breeze runs through the leaves of nearby aspen trees. As I sit on the ground gazing up at the milky way, the song of the wolves begins in a […]