Introduction to College Application Series

Now that I have finished the entire college application process, I am realizing just how much I learned over the years. My college story is slightly unconventionalโ€”I started looking at colleges during my freshman year of high school. And I have come to realize that the entire college process is, well, complicated. But it doesnโ€™t have to be!

I wanted to start this series in order to share my advice, my experiences, and my mistakes (and what I have learned from them!) in the hopes that I can help at least one person. The college search and application process is long and complex, but I hope to simplify it into several steps to make it both easier to follow and less daunting.

This series will have ten posts, starting with how (and when) to start the process, and ending with the second semester of senior year. I hope that this series is helpful for some of you, and feel free to comment below with questions or suggestions of your own!

You can access the first post in the series here.ย