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How I Organize During Winter Break

How I Organize During Winter Break

I am officially on my Winter Break, and am in the process of organizing after my finals week. During finals week and many other busy weeks during the semester I saved many of my files in the wrong folders on accident, and saved lots of […]

Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Essentials and Giveaway!

Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Essentials and Giveaway!

Winter has officially arrived (the snow is falling as I type this), and with it the woes of winter skin. Many of you probably know that I’m a little bit obsessed with skincare, because when my skin is healthy I feel amazing all around! There are small, […]

Blogmas Day 4: What I’ve Learned About Stress

Blogmas Day 4: What I’ve Learned About Stress

Being in college has taught me a lot about stress–more specifically, how to handle stress. I was originally going to post about the Winter Waltz that is put on by my college, but as I was at Waltz I kept thinking about how the ways […]

Journeying into a New Decade

On Monday I embarked on a new life journey: my twenties. For the past few years, it feels as though life has been moving at the speed of light. Ten years ago I was entering middle school, which feels as though it was a completely […]

Living Your Journey and Finding Your Path

Sunlight streams in through my window as I listen to the chirps of small birds in the morning breeze. The clock reads 7am, and though it’s early I’m refreshed and ready to start my day. As I go through my morning routine (brewing coffee and […]

One Year of Blogging: A Reflection

Today marks one year of The Wise Willow, and as I sit here writing this post my heart is filled with joy as I remember the journey that I have been on. One year ago I decided to press the button that has changed my […]

19 Things I’ve Learned in 19 Years

My nineteenth year has gone by much faster than any other year in my life (at least it seems that way), and before I turn 20 this fall I thought I would reflect on all that I have learned over the past 19 years. These […]

Astrology and Numerology: My Journey

If you had asked me a few years ago how I handled my problems, I would tell you that I would hold them in or ignore them until they couldn’t be ignored anymore. To me, this was a normalized routine in which I felt okay […]

My Summer Blogging Goals

I wanted to start this post by thanking you for your patience with my transition to a new hosting service, your support has been amazing! Now that everything is in place, I’m ready to continue my blogging journey. This week has allowed me to reflect […]

The Little Things

As I continue to grow older, I have realized that it is the small things in life that bring me much joy and happiness. What was once a dull aspect of my day is now a small gift, for life only gets busier. I am […]