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How to Search for Colleges

This is, admittedly, the most exciting part of the college process. You get to figure out what types of schools you are drawn to, and create a “colleges to visit” list. There are many characteristics to consider, so let’s begin! One of the most basic–yet […]

Standardized Testing: A How-To

Standardized testing. Two words that you will be all too familiar with by the time you are a junior in high school. The journey that is preparing for these exams begins your freshman year, and continues through the fall of your senior year. Standardized tests […]

How to Choose High School Classes

The coursework you choose to pursue in high school sets the stage for your college future, and regardless of the curriculum that your high school offers, colleges want to see that you challenged yourself academically. Some high schools offer only college preparatory (college prep) classes, […]

Where and When to Start the College Process

Believe it or not, everyone begins their college application journey their freshman year of high school. Now, you might be thinking “Not everyone starts the college process so soon”, but the college application process has as much to do with high school as it does with college. […]

Introduction to College Application Series

Introduction to College Application Series

Now that I have finished the entire college application process, I am realizing just how much I learned over the years. My college story is slightly unconventional—I started looking at colleges during my freshman year of high school. And I have come to realize that […]